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Franzis Pure HDR

Franzis Pure HDR

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Product information "Franzis Pure HDR"

Franzis Pure HDR
  • Pure plug-in
  • Also supports RAW data
  • Much more precise and accurate than Photoshop
  • Brilliant ghost image correction
  • For Windows and Mac

Pure HDR is the tool for all HDR professionals who want to spectacularly showcase fascinating details with the complete light and color spectrum. As a plug-in extension, Pure HDR works with the full 32-bit HDR functionality of the award-winning Franzis HDR-projects series directly in Lightroom® and Photoshop®.

Create 32-bit TIFFs for Adobe® Photoshop® & Lightroom® software

All images of an exposure series are converted to a true 32-bit HDR image by one of the 7 HDR algorithms, including pixel accurate alignment and impressive ghost correction. After one click, you can continue working in the familiar environment of Lightroom® or Photoshop®. This 32-bit HDR now contains the full light information of the exposure series with incredible detail in shadows, highlights, and colors.

Pure HDR turns Lightroom and Photoshop into an HDR engine

Pure HDR is the answer for those who are excited about the undisputed advantages of HDR photography - unprecedented light spectrum, most natural colors, all details in depths and highlights - but don't want to break away from Lightroom, Photoshop and Co.


  • State of the Art 32-bit HDR
  • Ultra-HDR
  • 7 HDR algorithms
  • World best alignment function
  • New interactive ghost correction
  • Works with RAW/ TIFF/JPG

Pure HDR is a plugin extension that ports the full 32-bit HDR functionality of the award-winning Franzis HDR-projects series into Lightroom and Photoshop. In the plug-in, up to a maximum of 33 images of an exposure series are combined by one of the 7 HDR algorithms to form a true 32-bit HDR image, including pixel-perfect alignment and impressive ghost image correction. All further steps in image development can be done in Lightroom or Photoshop as usual.

Seven special 7 HDR algorithms for different image requirements

Pure HDR can do more than just superimpose images. Special self-developed HDR algorithms ensure that the image information is perfectly combined and matched to the respective subject. Just as every motif requires a certain picture style, HDR pictures will only be perfect if they have been assembled with a matching HDR algorithm.

  • Average: The simplest form of HDR generation and forms the average value from the exposure series images.
  • Entropy: In information theory, entropy is a measure of information density. When applied to HDR generation, an algorithm results which measures the information density of the exposure series images per pixel and converts it into weights for HDR generation. The result is a very stable method that is set as the standard algorithm for PURE HDR.
  • Colour mix: The colour mix method uses the colour components of the pixels as a measure for the weighting and is particularly suitable for exposure series with a small difference in brightness in partial areas, such as fog, smoke or cloud images.
  • Logarithmic Luminance: This algorithm works with the logarithmic brightness (luminance). This corresponds approximately to the brightness perception of the human eye - this makes this algorithm very suitable for most exposure series.
  • Absolute Distance: A very powerful HDR fusion algorithm that combines two essential properties: With HDR smoothing deactivated, the HDR images are free of halos and in addition brightness breaks are avoided.
  • Luminance Sharpness: In the Luminance Sharpness procedure, the sharpness of the luminance (brightness) is determined per pixel and converted into a weighting. In this way, the areas with the best detail drawing in HDR fusion are obtained.
  • Repro-Neutral: This procedure is especially optimized for exposure series of scanned image data in normal lighting situations.

High-precision alignment

The user can influence how the individual images of the exposure series are superimposed on each other. Fine movements of objects, unintentional zooming and rotation of the camera can be taken into account. Unique: A distinction is made between motive movements, camera movements and zoom.

Ghost image correction

PURE HDR features high-precision ghost image correction that filters out moving objects or people that move within the exposure bracket, i.e. appear in different places in the individual images. A special procedure is the detail forecast: It attempts to predict movements within the exposure series and thus to remove the ghost images in a more targeted manner.

PURE HDR uses a newly developed, intelligent adjustment to living beings, landscape, architecture and sport.

Ultra-HDR for even greater image accuracy

If Franzis does not define a new HDR standard, then who does? Since 10 years we are specialists in super-realistic HDR image development, reason enough to go one step further. Our latest development is called Ultra-HDR and the name says it all. HDR images have never been more realistic, rich in contrast and detail. This is ensured by the exclusive 64-bit HDR engine from Franzis - used in HDR programs for the first time worldwide.

An integral HDR fusion process is used, a line integral that calculates with very small sectors. This integral HDR fusion calculates in the background about 30 times more exposure series than originally available. During the calculation, more intermediate images (estimators) are generated, which are then used for the HDR image. The results are additional details, which are especially useful when taking pictures in difficult situations.
But don't worry, Pure HDR continues to work on 32-bit computing systems and even they benefit from the internal performance increase.

JPG and RAW converter, even for bracketing

Pure HDR works with all common image standards, from JPG to RAWs. The integrated RAW converter is constantly updated and even masters the development of exposure series. Any changes you make to an image in the bracketing series will be applied to the entire series if the user so wishes.

32-bit HDR images: 16 million times more image information makes the difference

Developed pictures always have to face the comparison with the original picture that the photographer has seen with his own eyes. The human eye can perceive 100.000 differences in brightness, that is 200 times more differences in brightness - that is to say brilliance or image information - than any camera sensor in the world. This is a physical fact.

In relation to the bit depth of image files, it means

  • 8 bits (JPG) can represent 256 differences in brightness,
  • 16-bit (TIFF) can represent 65,536 differences in brightness,
  • 32-bit (HDR) can display 4,294,967,296 differences in brightness.

Each per color channel.

So only 32-bit HDR images can store as much image information as our eye has seen on location. This is a physical fact.

Correct is, with Photoshop, all image files can be converted into 32-bit images. But: if you simply convert an 8-bit JPG into a 32-bit image without giving the file more image information, the image will not be more brilliant because the light information is simply not there. Only exposure series and special HDR algorithms that work with floating point numbers can help here. Only special HDR programs can do this.


System requirements

Operating system Windows®: 10/8.1/8/7/Vista

Hardware: Intel® Pentium® or AMD® Athlon® from 1.2 GHz, min. 200 MB free hard disk space, 4 GB working memory, SVGA graphics card with min. 1,024 x 768 pixel resolution, 24 bit colour depth, CD/DVD-ROM drive


Mac operating system: OS X 10.7 or higher

Hardware: Intel/G5 processor, 4 GB RAM, 2 GB HDD, screen resolution 1,280 х 1,024 pixels

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