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G DATA Antivirus 2022

G Data Antivirus 2021, 1 year, instant download

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G Data Antivirus 2021, 1 year, instant download, Selectable: 1 or 3 devices Uncompromising... more

Product information "G Data Antivirus 2021, 1 year, instant download"

G Data Antivirus 2021, 1 year, instant download, Selectable: 1 or 3 devices

Uncompromising high-performance protection for your data.

G DATA Antivirus works unobtrusively in the background for your security. And you surf, play or shop at full speed.

No matter whether attacks by ransom racketeers, via security holes or during online banking: you are safe. Feels good, doesn't it?

Next-generation technologies already recognize from the behavior of programs whether they are planning an attack. This way you are always one step ahead of hackers.

The most important functions:

Virus scanner
Rely on the highest detection rates through parallel working technologies.

Behavioural testing
Also protects you from unknown pests. G DATA Antivirus recognises these by their conspicuous behaviour.

E-mail check
Scans incoming emails and attachments for suspicious content. Dangers are recognized before anything happens.

Exploit protection
Protects your computer from criminals taking advantage of security holes in, for example, Office applications and PDF readers.

G DATA BankGuard
The patented technology protects your browser from manipulation by data thieves - for secure online banking and shopping.

No chance for blackmail Trojans: G Data protects you from criminals encrypting your files.

USB Keyboard Guard
Protects you from tampered USB devices that pretend to be a keyboard even though they look like USB sticks or external hard drives.

Update management
Determine when and where your PC downloads updates. This way you avoid additional costs while you are logged in to a foreign WLAN, for example.

The intelligent technologies behind Antivirus

Sophisticated virus scanner

The core of all G DATA solutions for Windows computers is CloseGap technology with DoubleScan: two virus scanners work in perfect harmony to ensure maximum protection. Together, they scan your system for both widespread malware and new viruses or threats that are only local. The intelligent technologies of the antivirus program complement each other and are applied exactly where they are needed - without limiting the speed of your computer.

Is one file behaving suspiciously?

In order to also identify malware which is not yet known, G DATA virus protection works with proactive technologies. Our Behavior Blocker detects viruses by their behavior alone: For example, are unwanted processes started in the background after you have double-clicked a file? For example, unnoticed downloads stop the behavior analysis reliably and quickly before they become a danger.

Security gaps as entry points

G Data virus protection guarantees users optimum protection even if there are security gaps on the computer. G Data protects against dangerous exploits with specially developed advanced antivirus technology - malicious program codes that are precisely tailored to and exploit security gaps in your computer. The intelligent G DATA software protects your computer even from previously unknown exploits by monitoring processes and detecting deviations from the usual sequence.

In each program many small processes take place one after the other. A process reacts to the previous one, the sequence of possible reactions is predictable. Exploits cause false reactions in this sequence. If a program is infected, it is executed differently than it should be. To detect this, our exploit protection automatically performs memory tests and checks the runtime of each program sequence.

Most attacks from the Internet - apart from phishing sites - take place via so-called drive-by infections: The user visits a prepared website, which spies out the computer for vulnerable security holes. As soon as suitable gaps are discovered, the appropriate exploit is sent to the computer unnoticed, in order to subsequently download and execute further malware - for example banking trojans or ransomware.

No chance for blackmailers

G DATA virus protection also protects you against threats from blackmailing viruses: so-called ransomware blocks your computer in the event of an attack and encrypts your data, such as private pictures, videos, documents or e-mails. Only against a ransom do the perpetrators release the data again.

Virus scanners and behavioral monitoring can detect and remove the malware. G Data has developed a completely new procedure to provide you with optimum protection against blackmailing malware and to react even more specifically to ransomware activities: G DATA Anti-Ransomware is a proactive technology - encryption trojans are detected early on on the basis of the characteristics typical of pests of this type.

It is noticeable, for example, when backups of the operating system are switched off, a conspicuous number of files are encrypted in a short time or file extensions are changed (e.g. .docx to .locky).

G DATA Anti-Ransomware interrupts such processes immediately so that your pictures, videos, documents and e-mails cannot be encrypted.

Security in online banking

The G DATA anti-virus program also offers efficient protection for your online banking: the patented technology protects your browser from banking trojans which, for example, want to manipulate transfers.

BankGuard recognizes possible manipulations and replaces them with the original. The virus protection then identifies and deletes the malware.

Note: This offer does not include a product key sticker (COA label) This offer is aimed at private individuals as well as companies, business customers, authorities, organisations, schools, communities and churches.

System requirements

  •     Microsoft Windows 10 / 8.x / 7: min. 2 GB RAM
  •     All functions of the G DATA solutions are supported on 32- and 64-bit systems.
  •     An internet connection is required for the installation of the software as well as for virus signature and software updates
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System: Windows
Included applications: Virus protection
Properties: "G Data Antivirus 2021, 1 year, instant download"
System: Windows
Included applications: Virus protection
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