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The manufacturer Kofax stands for state-of-the-art solutions in the field of digital transformation and automation. Many of the products are dedicated to the accessibility of own documents and should simplify the processing as best as... read more »

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Kofax Power PDF 5.0 Advanced
Kofax Power PDF 5.0 Advanced
Intuitive, sichere PDF-Softwarelösung Optimieren Sie Ihre Dokumenten-Workflows und steigern Sie Ihre Produktivität mit Kofax Power PDF Advanced. Power PDF Advanced wurde für Geschäftsanwender entwickelt und bietet robuste Funktionen wie...
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Kofax Power PDF 5.0 Standard
Kofax Power PDF 5.0 Standard
Vergleichstabelle Funktion Standard Advanced Interface optimiert für Windows 10 und Touchscreen-Geräte ✓ ✓ Erstelle und kompiliere PDF-Files aus jedem Dokument-, oder File-Typ (auch mehrere Dokumente in ein einzelnes PDF) ✓ ✓...
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Kofax PaperPort Professional 14 VLA (for Enterprise)
Kofax PaperPort Professional 14 VLA (for...
Simplified document management for the entire enterprise Simplified document management Quick and easy access to documents is essential for efficient workflow in your company. Imagine no more wasting time searching for files in folders....
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Kofax Power PDF Advanced 4 VLA (for Enterprise)
Kofax Power PDF Advanced 4 VLA (for Enterprise)
A PDF software solution that meets the needs of your business Streamline your document workflows, increase productivity, and accelerate the digital transformation of your operations. The hidden costs of PDF software can impact your...
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Kofax Paperport Professional - V.14 - Academic
Kofax Paperport Professional - V.14 - Academic
Quick, easy access to important documents is a critical component to keeping your business running smoothly. Instead of spending time searching through folders for files you need, what if you could scan, convert, organize, assemble and...
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Kofax PaperPort 14.7 Professional
Kofax PaperPort 14.7 Professional
Kofax PaperPort 14.7 Professional PaperPort Professional is a smart productivity solution that lets you scan, manage, search, assemble and share paper, business documents and photos. PaperPort Professional provides anytime, anywhere...
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Kofax PaperPort 14 Standard
Kofax PaperPort 14 Standard
KOFAX PaperPort 14 Standard Efficient Document Management Put an end to paper clutter. Kofax PaperPort 14 works with all-in-one printers, mobile and desktop scanners and more, making document management faster, easier and more effective....
£55.21 * £67.99 *
Kofax Power PDF 4.0 Advanced
Kofax Power PDF 4.0 Advanced
Kofax Power PDF Advanced 4.0 Windows If you are looking for an effective program to convert, edit and share PDF files, you can rely on Kofax Power PDF Advanced 4.0 Windows. The program impresses with a wealth of functions and makes it...
£118.96 *
Kofax Power PDF 4.0 Standard
Kofax Power PDF 4.0 Standard
Kofax Power PDF Standard 4.0 - Win -Mac Convert, edit, comment and distribute documents - easily and securely, from and to any application Easy editing directly in PDF format PDF creation from any PC application Convert PDF files to your...
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Kofax OmniPage 18 Standard
Kofax OmniPage 18 Standard
Kofax OmniPage 18 Standard Stop typing - convert your documents! OmniPage 18 is one of the fastest and most accurate ways to turn paper, PDF documents and even digital photos into documents that can be edited in popular PC programs. The...
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Kofax OmniPage 19 Ultimate
Kofax OmniPage 19 Ultimate
Omnipage 19 Ultimate Upgrade from OP15/16/17 - Pro, Standard and SE (Download for Windows) OmniPage Ultimate 19 is one of the fastest, most accurate ways to turn paper, PDFs and forms with amazing recognition accuracy into files that can...
From £72.21 * £93.49 *
Kofax OmniPage Ultimate
Kofax OmniPage Ultimate
Kofax OmniPage Ultimate Maximize productivity by converting documents, PDF files and images into actionable digital files Documents are critical to the productivity of your business and your workflow. Converting paper documents to PDF...
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Products from Kofax


The manufacturer Kofax stands for state-of-the-art solutions in the field of digital transformation and automation. Many of the products are dedicated to the accessibility of own documents and should simplify the processing as best as possible. Here with us, too, there are therefore a number of practical products from Kofax that we are happy to make available to you. But in which areas do the suites from Kofax become a good choice and what specifically can you rely on?


Effective companions for more productivity

Most of the Kofax products are dedicated to the requirements in the company and offer real facilitations. In this way, it is possible to optimally advance one's own workflows and to improve usability in otherwise difficult areas at any time. Especially the products for converting and editing files are therefore a good choice when it comes to the enormous variety of Kofax.

The goal of the suites and tools here is to secure and effectively simplify elementary functions even without much effort. This applies, for example, to the workflow when dealing with PDF files, whereby ease of use is always the focus. In combination with the latest and most modern standards, Kofax products offer the necessary simplicity and reliability. But where exactly does the focus of the diverse applications lie and how are you relieved in the office everyday life in such a way?

Practical products from Kofax in our shop

Basically you have here at Blitzhandel24 a large selection to the products of Kofax, for which we provide you with pleasure the suitable licenses. Examples are Kofax Paperport Professional V14, but also the V14 as standard version. The same applies of course to the products of the series Kofax Power PDF, from which we can offer you the Advanced and Standard Suites of the 4.0.

For easy conversion, we also offer the Kofax OmniPage products, which have already reached version 19. Here, too, you can always choose between the Standard, Professional and Ultimate versions. With the latest version of each of the Kofax suites, you can ensure that you benefit from the maximum functionality for your project. Below is a more in-depth look at Kofax's product suites.

Kofax PaperPort - optimal access for every document

If you are looking for a permanent version of Kofax PaperPort, version 14.7 is the right choice. It makes it easy to scan important business documents or photos and make them available to a select group of people via the cloud. For both personal and business use, this makes it easy to simplify your document management.

But not only efficiency, but also the ecological thought plays a very central role here. Thus, with Kofax PaperPort, you are relying on an innovative and sustainable solution to digitally manage important documents throughout your company. The following features are relevant:

  • Store and share documents in the cloud
  • Simple and innovative scanning from any device
  • In-programcreation of standard-compliant PDF files
  • Sophisticated OCR capabilities for document conversion
  • Universal access on the go from all major devices

In general, Kofax PaperPort 14.7 Professional is always compatible with your scanner. So no advanced technology is required to use it, making access via the cloud even easier. Especially with the Professional version, you can also create an unlimited number of scanning profiles, use compressed color documents and streamline processes.

Kofax PaperPortKofax Power PDF

Kofax Power PDF for secure conversions

When it comes to converting, editing and sharing PDF files, Kofax Power PDF Advanced is one of the leading products. This is mainly due to its ease of use, which has a positive impact on your workflows and processes. Kofax Power PDF makes it easy for you to access highly effective solutions and take advantage of the new ISO standard PDF 2.0.

Above all, the flexibility for the application becomes an important advantage at this point. The newly created PDF files are compatible with the display on all devices and allow a visualization that is always successful. Therefore, with the following functions you are always secured:

  • Intuitive creation of new PDF files
  • Fast editing directly in PDF format
  • Integration of easy-to-fill forms
  • Additional protection for created documents
  • Dictate important notes with Dragon

With this handy program, you can rely on instant usability and benefit from the latest standards in PDF. Thanks to the link to the cloud, Kofax Power PDF is also ideally suited for team collaboration and enables practical conversions. So you no longer have to deal with impractical PDFs, you're always in control.

Kofax OmniPage for Document Editing

When it comes to converting important files and documents, precision is key. That's exactly why Kofax OmniPage becomes a practical solution. Its powerful OCR makes it possible to rely on user-friendly work processes and actively automate conversion on the fly. Thanks to the enormous speed, the application becomes a relief.

When it comes to a compact and professional application, we recommend Kofax OmniPage Professional 18, which makes it easy to convert files from one format to another thanks to the pre-built workflows in the system. The following benefits are also important here:

  • Easy formatting of important files
  • High quality throughout the conversion
  • Tremendous recognition accuracy for any format
  • Easy integration with Evernote and Dropbox
  • Automation of scans and documents

Above all, the automation that comes with its handy features makes Kofax OmniPage a good choice. This way, with the suite, you don't just fall back on individual functions, but rely on a long-lasting and dynamic solution. When it comes to precision and technical diversity, Kofax products are guaranteed to stay ahead of the game thanks to their tremendous quality.

A good solution for more automation in the office

Especially in the context of automation, Kofax tools and suites become a real relief. Nothing stands in the way of contextual implementation, so that a clearly designed and easily visible document is just a click away. When it comes to transparent and always modern workflows, Kofax has a lot to offer as an innovative brand. So in your case, too, it is worth taking a closer look at the many products available. We are happy to provide you with tools such as Kofax OmniPage or Kofax Power PDF for purchase right here with us.

In these cases the Kofax products are worthwhile for you

As mentioned earlier, Kofax suites become a good choice for both business and personal document handling. This way, you won't have to worry about opening important files and will always have access to the right solutions. Touch-enabled devices are also supported with the latest programs from Kofax, making them even easier to use in day-to-day operations. This helps you well with a flexible way of working.

If PDF files and difficult to manage documents have been a problem for you, you no longer have to put up with it. Kofax, as an experienced manufacturer, has already addressed the related problems in many versions and offers new solutions. This makes it easy to improve usability while continuing to increase accuracy.

Choose Kofax suites for yourself now!

Do you now want to secure yourself and your documents professionally? Then rely on a smooth implementation and decide for your new Kofax project. Right here with us, we provide you with all the tools and functions mentioned as a key and always relieve you optimally. This makes it easy for you to actively promote digitization in your company, reduce paper waste and use intuitive solutions. We would be happy to accompany you professionally in achieving this goal.