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Nuance Dragon Home 15 Full Version

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Nuance Dragon Home 15 Full Version Dragon Home 15 provides the fastest and most accurate way... more
Product information "Nuance Dragon Home 15 Full Version"

Nuance Dragon Home 15 Full Version

Dragon Home 15 provides the fastest and most accurate way to turn speech into text and operate computers, touch-enabled PCs and tablets by voice. Developed with Nuance Deep Learning technology, Dragon Home is the smartest speech recognition solution on the consumer market. Dragon delivers up to 99% accuracy as soon as you start dictating, can adapt to different accents, and even works in noisy environments. Dictate documents, send emails and search the web directly in your favourite applications, simply by speaking. Your words appear on the screen - three times faster than typing. Start applications and operate your computer with voice commands without using your hands. The best way to do more with your PC - whether at home or at school or university.

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Achieve more on the PC - by speaking

New features in Dragon Home

Deep learning technology for improved accuracy

Improved accuracy: Dragon Home is the smartest speech recognition solution on the market. Using a state-of-the-art speech engine with the latest Nuance Deep Learning technology, the software delivers up to 99% recognition accuracy as soon as you start dictating, with no training required. Dragon continuously adapts to your voice and any changes in your environment - even during the dictation itself. This allows a whole new level of productivity and accuracy to be achieved. This optimal accuracy is achieved even for speakers with accent and background noise. That means the new Dragon understands you better and you can work faster than ever. And Dragon remembers your corrections, so the more you use it, the better it works.

Optimized user interface

Simplified menus and options: Take advantage of a simplified DragonBar and a streamlined interface without complex menus and options, so you can quickly select the options you want and convert your speech directly to text from the moment you use Dragon.

Playback mode

Playback mode: Dragon Home makes reviewing and editing your content a snap with the ability to select a block of text and listen to it in your own voice using the Play Selection command. Listen to your dictation as you proofread your document and make edits and corrections faster than ever while improving your dictation skills

Far more enjoyable PC experience

Dragon Home intelligently converts your spoken words into text. Simply speak and your words will appear on the screen. The software is easy to install and simple to use, making even mundane tasks on the PC faster and more enjoyable. Create documents, work through your to-do list, send emails or surf the web - faster and smarter than ever.

Unbridled creativity By capturing your spoken thoughts

Write down your ideas in a flash and don't let keyboard input, touch screen PCs, spelling or the fear of blank pages slow you down. Just talk and let Dragon capture your thoughts - quickly and accurately. This way, no more sparkling ideas are lost. Would you like to work without a keyboard? Capture your thoughts quickly and comprehensively without having your eyes glued to the screen or your hands on the keyboard. When it comes to editing and reviewing your documents, working with Dragon's voice commands is a snap.

Increased productivity by converting from voice to text

Turn speech into text - three times faster than typing - with up to 99% recognition accuracy from the first time you use it Create and edit documents, dictate homework, send emails, update your social networking posts and more. Dragon Home adapts to your voice and commonly used words to improve recognition results over time. Dragon can even learn new words as you correct documents. When you make formatting corrections, Dragon adapts to your formatting preferences for abbreviations, numbers, and so on. This makes text elements look the way you want them to look each time.

Better practicability By using your favourite applications

In addition to DragonPad, the built-in text editor, you can use Dragon Home with popular Windows applications. Dictate documents in Microsoft Word with full text control, send email in Microsoft Outlook, browse the web with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, post on Facebook or Twitter and more - all with your voice. The list of applications you can use with Dragon Home includes the most popular webmail program - Gmail - with full text control and commands for the most common actions in Internet Explorer 11 and the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

More versatility Through use on common PC platforms

Dragon Home works on popular Windows devices, including touch-enabled PCs and tablets, and gives you maximum flexibility to interact with your PC and your favorite applications, whether at home, school or university. And with Dragon Home, you don't need an Internet connection to convert your voice to text.

More speed with powerful, intuitive voice commands

Intuitive voice control combines multi-level operations into direct voice commands that you can use at any time, no matter which applications are active. For example, they say, "Search Google for licensed electricians in Berlin" or "Search Google for 87 divided by 12" and Dragon searches. Or you could say, "Open the top website for young scouts". Dragon then opens the Web page that is the first hit for your keywords. You can also use voice commands to write email, schedule tasks and appointments, or search your computer faster than ever.

More comfort and freedom

Dragon Home also helps prevent wrist problems by providing a comfortable and ergonomic alternative to the keyboard and mouse. Open applications, select menu options, "press" keys and move from one window to another - all with simple voice commands. You even have several microphone options such as Bluetooth, plug-in headset or even the microphone integrated in the Windows PC/Tablet.

Scope of delivery:

  • Original license key for Nuance Dragon Home Version 15
  • languages: German, English, French
  • Verified Highspeed Downloadlink to get the software fast & secure
  • VAT invoice
  • Instructions for easy installation

System requirements

  • During the installation process, the system checks whether your system meets the minimum requirements. If not, Dragon will not be installed.
  • Processor:Intel Dual Core or equivalent AMD processor. Faster processors achieve better performance.
  • RAM: At least 4 GB
  • Free hard disk space:4 GB (8 GB if installed with digital download)
  • Supported operating systems: Microsoft Windows7, 8.1 and 10 32-bit and 64-bit
  • Internet Explorer 11 or higher or the current version of Chrome or Firefox
  • Sound card for 16-bit recording
  • DVD drive for installation (not required for digital download)
  • Built-in microphone or Nuance certified microphone. For more information, visit
  • Internet connection for automatic product activation (short, anonymous process) and access to online help.

With the final judgment of the Federal Court of Justice of 11.12.2014 with the file number: IZR 8/1 /3 we do not violate the rights of third parties with our offer & Therefore we do not violate any principles, the software is a single user license from a volume contract takeover, a registration to an ID is therefore not possible. You can activate the product, use it without restrictions, updates, upgrades and registration are not possible.

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