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StarMoney 12 Deluxe, Annual license, German incl.Premium Support [Instant download]

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With StarMoney 12 Deluxe you have everything concerning your finances in view and you can do... more

Product information "StarMoney 12 Deluxe, Annual license, German incl.Premium Support [Instant download]"

With StarMoney 12 Deluxe you have everything concerning your finances in view and you can do your banking transactions quickly and easily.

With the right program, it does not have to be difficult to ensure secure and convenient management of your finances. StarMoney 12 offers exactly the right combination of numerous functions for this purpose, through which the payment transactions become considerably easier. At the same time, users expect an enormous amount of security to keep track of all important activities and to keep control of their own finances.

A successful overview of the financial situation

With StarMoney 12, the existing accounts can be surveyed quickly and easily. The overview in the programme provides a schematically comprehensible structure to be able to react actively to one's own financial situation at the same time as having an effective instrument at one's disposal. The application makes payment transactions much easier at this point, reducing the difficulty of transfers and offering enormous convenience.

The goal of StarMoney 12 is therefore to finally understand one's own finances completely in private or business. In this way, the various contracts can be kept in view at all times in order to be precisely informed about the available finances and to coordinate one's own expenditures. With the simple administration around StarMoney 12, it becomes much easier to effectively oversee your own financial situation.

The new StarMoney 12 brings many innovations that will help you to gain an even better understanding of your financial situation. In the following, we will introduce you to the most important news compared to StarMoney 12:

  • New overview
  • Financial key figures
  • Central account list
  • List of sales
  • Relevant evaluations
  • Notifications, message center and payment calendar in the menu bar
  • New contract management
  • New evaluations
  • New expected sales

For your entire banking

- For all institutes: Over 2,000 banks and savings banks are supported

- For all your accounts: Current and call money accounts, custody accounts, building society contracts, credit cards, savings books, bonus programs, customer accounts at eBay, Amazon, PayPal and other providers

- For all your payment transactions: transfers, standing orders, direct debits, etc.

StarMoney 12 Deluxe is the optimal solution for the higher demands and offers more flexibility as well as additional banking functions. It is the perfect software for triple use, e.g. at home, in the office and on the road.

For more flexibility: One price ? triple license

- Installation on up to two computers as well as on a removable storage device (e.g.
USB stick)- One
product for several users, e.g. the whole family-
A separate database for each user-
Have your bank data including the entire data history always and everywhere


on a removable storage
device- Premium support
with hotline at local rates (mobile phone may vary) and free e-mail support

New overview

The overview page is the entry point to StarMoney and thus the place to answer your financial questions, where you can see your account balances, current turnover and your financial situation at a glance. In StarMoney 12 we have completely revised the overview page for you. This allows you to see the most important information quickly and at a glance.

Financial key figures

The most frequent questions that our users want to answer with StarMoney refer to the current financial situation:

  • How much money do I currently have in my accounts?
  • What have I already spent and taken this month?
  • What's still outstanding?
  • How much money do I still have available?

All these questions are answered at first glance on the new overview page, which is why we have introduced the financial key figures that are presented at the top of the overview page:

Key figures2.png

The sequence of the financial ratios follows a simple offsetting:


Central account list

Giving you an overview of your individual accounts and account balances has always been an important part of StarMoney. On the new overview page, however, the account list is of particular importance. Because in future it will serve as a central filter for the entire overview. The information on the new overview page (from the financial key figures, to the turnovers, to the evaluations) will in future always be displayed depending on the accounts or account groups selected in the account list.

It allows you to switch quickly and easily between different accounts and account groups, giving you not only a complete overview of your finances, but also for individual accounts or account groups. You can now easily switch between an ungrouped and grouped view of accounts.

account list_both.png

After the account setup, StarMoney will automatically retrieve your accounts. When you have finished StarMoney and start it again, you should first update your accounts to the current status. In your account list on the overview page, you can simply click on [Account overview] to call up the current account balance. The accounts that are updated via the [Account Broadcast] button can be configured via the Settings - Account Broadcast menu.



You can also use the tab Time-controlled broadcast to determine when a time-controlled automatic query of your account data should take place.


List of sales

The turnover list is also an important part of StarMoney.


The turnover list refers to the accounts selected in the account list; therefore, the turnover from the accounts or account groups selected in the account list is always displayed. This gives you the opportunity to view a comprehensive turnover list (by selecting "All accounts" in the account list).

In the sales list you will see all current (and perspectively also expected) sales, with the most important information. New sales are highlighted in bold.

Relevant evaluations

On the new overview page you will find relevant evaluations displayed as a preview.


Like the financial figures and the sales list, the information shown in the graphs also refers to the accounts selected in the account list. Depending on the evaluation, you will also be given further options (e.g. a possibility to select periods directly) to adapt the graphics to your needs.
By clicking on the headings of the individual graphics, you can access the evaluation area.

All information about the new evaluations can be found here.

Notifications, message center and payment calendar in the menu bar

Reminders, cancellation periods, payments, orders from photo bank transfers, information from your credit institute and many other messages are now available as notifications in the revised menu bar of StarMoney.

With just one click you can access the payment calendar, open the search or your current reminders and messages.

New contract management

With the new contract management you can now keep an overview of your contracts.

StarMoney automatically recognises running contracts such as electricity, telephone or insurance from your sales. This way you can keep an eye on your costs with little effort and be reminded in good time of notice periods.

You can find the contract management in the navigation under "Contracts". Further information on the new contract management can be found here.


New evaluations

With the completely redesigned evaluations you can analyse your financial situation in detail.

The various evaluations can be flexibly adapted to your questions.

Just try it out in the navigation under "Analyses". All information about the new evaluations can be found here.


The following evaluations are available:

  • Income/Expenditure Comparison - shows your monthly income, expenditure and surplus over time.
  • Category evaluation - your income and expenses distributed to individual accounts
  • Cost center evaluation - shows the distribution of your income and expenses to individual cost centers.
  • Recipient/client evaluation - to whom does your money go, from whom do you receive money? This evaluation shows you where your money goes and where it comes from.
  • Asset development - select an account and a period and see how your assets have developed.

New expected sales

StarMoney automatically analyses your turnover for regularly recurring debits or payments. Expected sales determined in this way are taken into account in the payment calendar and in the forecast functions.

You can manage recognized expected sales in the navigation under Planning > Expected Sales.

All information about the new expected sales can be found here.


For more efficiency

- Planned today ? executed tomorrow: Prepare payments and schedule them offline -
Recurring payments, such as rent collections, can be created in advance and
StarMoney Deluxe takes care of the rest - No
typing errors - dynamic placeholders automatically set the appropriate
information - Keep


overview of future payments thanks to simple disposition of payments and
account balance prognosis - All tax-relevant
data also in DATEV format for your tax consultant or other software

For your entire banking

- For all institutes: Over 2,000 banks and savings banks are supported -
for all your accounts: Current and call money accounts, custody accounts, building society savings contracts, credit cards,
savings books, bonus programmes, customer accounts at eBay, Amazon, PayPal and other providers -
For all your payment transactions: transfers, standing orders, direct debits etc


For maximum safety

- TÜV-certified -
Active Trojan protection through innovative PROMON security technology -
Protection against phishing, keylogger attacks and data misuse even on infected computers

For more overview and control

- Learn where your money is going with intelligent reports-
Account balance forecasts make it easier to plan your expenses-
You can find the data you need in no time at all, because your entire data history is in one place-
You can achieve savings targets more easily with budgets and spending limits-
You won't miss any deadlines and dates thanks to the reminder function

For time-saving work with intelligent financial assistants

- Instead of typing payments, using practical templates or importing bills -
StarMoney can be set individually and only shows what is important to you -
Provide data for your tax declaration at the push of a button -
Even insurances, bills and contracts are correctly stored in StarMoney -
Top up your mobile phone prepaid credit directly in the program


Further details and notes

- StarMoney Deluxe supports almost all security procedures common in Germany
for banking.

Interesting facts about the program

  • What exactly is StarMoney 12?

Whoever wants to buy StarMoney has access to a comprehensive collection of numerous functions. These allow both an overview of important financial data and independent management of settings. StarMoney 12 is therefore an excellent choice for simple yet structured account management.

  • Who is the target group of the programme?

StarMoney 12 is suitable for every conceivable type of account. Both private customers and entrepreneurs can rely on a simple and clear administration. This is not dependent on the level of inputs and outputs, which means that each user is offered a uniform range of functions.

  • What speaks for StarMoney 12 Deluxe?

With the Deluxe version, all functions are available without restriction and in their full scope. This makes it even easier to bring together all the important information and to keep a comprehensive overview of your own financial situation.

  • What new features are offered in the version?

The new version of StarMoney 12 offers a structured overview page. Also new is the modern management of integrated contracts, which are automatically recognized by the system. The development of automation has shown in many places that recognition and direct forwarding has become much easier.

  • What is included in the license?

With the current license of StarMoney 12, a use of the current version is available for one Year. In addition, the offer includes all integrated updates that will be released within this year, so that you can always access the latest version.

StarMoney 12 Deluxe - 365 days - Annual license
Language: English
Version: Annual version - valid 365 days from activation (can be used as initial installation and update)
Platform: Windows 10 / 8.x / 7 Windows Server 2016 / 2012 / 2008 R2
Number of licenses: 1 PC

System requirements

- Microsoft Internet Explorer (latest version
)- Microsoft .NET-Framework (4.0 or higher)
- PDF Reader - Activation of your accounts for online banking
- IBM-compatible PC from Pentium 4 - Windows 7*, Windows 8* / 8.1*, 10*, Windows Server
2008 R2*, Windows Server 2012*, Windows Server 2016*: at least

At least 900 MB free hard disk space-
Recommended minimum resolution: 1,280 x 1,024-
For installation on writable removable media (e.g. USB stick)


following addition
: Storage space on removable media at least 1 GB- USB interface
(2.0, recommended 3.0)

* incl. current ServicePack

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