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Avast Premium Security 2020 Multi Device Instant Download

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Data carrier to your software
Avast Premium Security 2020 Multi Device Your home network can be attacked just like... more
Product information "Avast Premium Security 2020 Multi Device Instant Download"

Avast Premium Security 2020 Multi Device

Your home network can be attacked just like your PC. With just one click, you can scan your network for potential security problems to prevent attacks on routers and the network.

Avast Premium Security (Multiple Devices) protects you on your desktop, laptop, phone or tablet. The following is included:
Avast Premium Security for Windows
- Stop viruses and other malware: Detect and Block Malware Threats -
Block Ransomware

Prevent your photos and files from being taken hostage-
Back up your webcam: Don't give prying eyes a chance-
Check WLANs for vulnerabilities

Find vulnerabilities in any network you connect to -
shop more securely:

Avoid fake websites for safer: Online shopping and



Premium Security for Mac-
Stop viruses and other malware


Detect and block malware threats -
stay safer online:

Block unsafe websites and malicious downloads -
Block ransomware:

Prevent your photos and files from being taken hostage-
check WLANs for vulnerabilities

Find vulnerabilities in any network you connect to -
detect network intruders:

You will be warned when someone joins your wireless network to



Mobile Security Premium for Android
smartphone or tablet


Fend off malware, SMS Trojans and unsafe apps and links -
protect your online privacy
Encrypt all wireless connections with our integrated VPN-
Recover your lost smartphone or tablet-
Lock individual apps and pictures: Protect your privacy with a PIN or fingerprint-
Extend your battery life: Adjust Android settings to use your DevicelongerAvast

Mobile Security Premium for iPhone
WLANs checks for vulnerabilities

Find vulnerabilities on every network you connect to -
protect your online privacy
Encrypt all WLAN connections with our integrated VPN-
Keep photos private:

Hide unlimited photos in a safe that only you can access -
protect your passwords:

Be warned if your passwords are ever compromised online

You can now make secure online purchases and banking transactions

Keep data thieves away from your files.

Hackers demand an average of 643 US dollars from their ransomware victims. Ransomware protection protects your important files from encryption and hostage-taking and only allows trusted apps to modify their files.

Update your apps to close security holes.

The automatic Software Updater keeps your apps and programs updated with the latest security patches and performance upgrades, so hackers can't exploit potential vulnerabilities in outdated versions. Safe and comfortable.

No data is left behind.

Are you thinking about selling your PC or lending it to someone? You will be surprised how easy it is for other people to recover your "deleted" files and data. The data shredder ensures that your personal photos, bank statements and other private documents are permanently destroyed.


  • Product key file for Avast Premium Security 2020
  • Download link, can also be downloaded directly from the official manufacturer webiste.
  • VAT invoice
  • Instructions for easy installation

System requirements:

  • Operating system: Android 4.1,MacOS X,Windows 10,Windows 7,Windows 8
  • Required working memory: min. 2000 MB
  • Required storage space on the hard disk: 2000 MB
  • Recommended screen resolution: 1024x768
  • Other: Internet connection for automatic updates
  • Overview: All-round protection for PC, Mac, Android and iPhone/iPad Ensures security from Internet threats on up to 10 devices.

What is the difference between Avast Premium Security (single device) and Avast Premium Security (multiple devices) subscriptions?

Both Avast Premium Security subscriptions offer comprehensive online security and are each suitable for a specific number of devices. A subscription to Avast Premium Security (single device) protects a Deviceon the platform of your choice. A single device subscription can be used with the following products:

  • Avast Premium Security (for PC, single device)

  • Avast Premium Security (for Mac, single device)

  • Avast Mobile Security Premium (for Android, single device)

  • Avast Mobile Security Premium (for iOS, single device)

One subscription to Avast Premium Security (multiple devices) protects up to 10 Deviceson any platform

Can I change the 10 devices that have my Avast Premium Security (multiple device) subscription activated?

Yes, if you have already activated your Avast Premium Security (multiple device) subscription for 10 devices, you will need to DevicesAvast Premium Security from one of the Devicesbefore installing it on a new Device. After uninstalling, you can install Avast Premium Security on your new Device. To activate the product on the new Device, open your Avast account and retrieve the Avast Premium Security (multiple devices) activation code.

Do I need to uninstall the previous version of Avast Antivirus before upgrading to Avast Premium Security on my PC?

If you have already installed Avast Pro Antivirus, Avast Internet Security or Avast Premier version 7.x or higher, you do not need to uninstall your current version. The Avast Antivirus installer will automatically detect these versions and upgrade the existing installation to Avast Premium Security (for PC, single device).

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How do our prices come about ?

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