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Ashampoo Music Studio 9

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Ashampoo Music Studio 9 gives you more sound, more mixing options, more order! Ashampoo Music... more

Product information "Ashampoo Music Studio 9"

Ashampoo Music Studio 9 gives you more sound, more mixing options, more order!

Ashampoo Music Studio 9 is our flagship music editing program for your songs and audio files! Eight powerful modules cover virtually everything audiophiles need on their PC. Whether you want to edit, burn or cut your audio files, you can do it quickly and efficiently with Ashampoo Music Studio 9. Convert between different popular formats, create mixtapes for parties or playlists that work with any audio device! Get your music collection in order, print covers, rip audio discs and enjoy the many other features of Ashampoo Music Studio 9!

Some features of Ashampoo Music Studio 9

Until now, searching for covers was done automatically - with mixed results. With the new search, you have more control to ensure you always get perfect results for your projects. Enjoy instant access to the best covers in the best possible quality!

  • Flexible cover search
  • 5 redesigned program interfaces
  • Fully compatible with Windows 11
  • Audio trimming the easy way
  • Faster results with keyboard shortcuts
  • Split audio into any number of parts
  • Improved music editor with streamlined workflows
  • Live recording selectable by default
  • Organize songs more efficiently with templates
  • Multiple detail changes for improved usability
  • Mix songs with tempo analysis and intelligent synchronization
  • Cut MP3s on the fly
  • Music software with eight comprehensive modules

Fast results with keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are the fastest way to edit your files. Instead of moving around with the mouse, you can use a single key to navigate and perform various actions, such as copying audio data. You can undo your actions, move selection markers and much more just by pressing a few keys. Of course, the program offers visual cues on the layout of the shortcut keys for each menu. Save time and give your mouse a break with keyboard shortcuts!

Audio splitting made super easy: Audio Splitter

Now you can split your MP3s and other audio files into multiple parts with incredible ease. Use play and pause to set your cut marks, or click anywhere to cut and split with millisecond precision. It's fast, precise, and super intuitive. We've spared no effort to make Ashampoo Music Studio 9 the most user-friendly music studio ever. Try it out today and see for yourself!

Instantly take away some of the beginning or end

Live recordings or radio segments usually contain a little more than just the songs you want, whether it's a jingle or segway at the beginning or a commentary at the end. With the new cutting tool, you can get rid of the superfluous parts in no time. Just make a few marks and let Music Studio get to work. As with all Music Studio tools, no previous experience is required to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

A mixtape for every occasion with Ashampoo Music Studio 9

Mix like the pros with Music Studio 8! Turn your favorite songs into mixtapes with smooth transitions and convert them to any format or burn them to disc. With "Mix Tape" you can set the mood for any party, wedding or get-together. For a perfect listening experience, use the DJ mixer that analyzes each track and matches speeds for perfect mix tapes!

Edit and mix with up to three tracks

Mix your songs on up to three tracks, edit parts or mix them together. Smart markers and panning make editing fast and effortless! Remove individual passages, add new ones, fade in and out, and use the equalizer for high-precision fine-tuning. This new version offers streamlined workflows to help you achieve your goals faster.

Perfect edits even for live footage

Cutting recordings and live material into individual songs has never been easier. Ashampoo Music Studio 9 automatically detects pauses, splits the recordings accordingly and saves the individual parts in the desired format. The pause detection threshold is adjustable, so even live material without pauses is no problem!

Convert to any format and listen without iTunes

Ashampoo Music Studio also supports the popular Apple formats AAC / M4A and the innovative APE format. Burn your music to disc, convert your iTunes songs to a specific format like MP3, WMA and FLAC, or choose a destination device for maximum compatibility. Now you can listen to all your songs on any device, from your home stereo to devices without iTunes!

High quality CD ripping

With Ashampoo Music Studio 9, getting your CDs into digital form is a breeze. All songs are checked against an online database and automatically named correctly, with covers added, and saved in any format. And the fast ripping saves you several steps. Get great results quickly anytime, anywhere with our CD ripper!

Create playlists and find the right format every time

Playlists are the most convenient way to play your songs in any order. To ensure that all programs and players can play your collections, Ashampoo Music Studio 9 offers a wide range of playlist formats. No matter which player you use - it doesn't get more compatible than this!

Convert audio files

With Ashampoo Music Studio 9 you can convert your music files with incredible ease and adjust the quality to your needs. Just choose the frequency and bitrate, and you're done! Or use the many presets and start converting right away. Any format, from the market leaders MP3 and AAC (M4A) to lossless compression with FLAC and WAV, and even special formats like OGG, APE and OPUS, are supported. Save space and play your songs on any device!

System requirement of Ashampoo Music Studio 9

Operating system
Windows® 11, Windows® 10

Any device that supports the above operating systems. Systems with ARM processors are not supported.

Internet connection is required to activate the program. The program license is checked repeatedly at regular intervals.
Internet connection is required for some services.


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