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Product information "Ashampoo UnInstaller 11"

Automatically no chance for unwanted programs

Remove software down to the last byte for a lean and clean Windows

UnInstaller has not only users, but also fans! That's why we conducted three surveys during development to learn more about what you want - and received thousands of responses! This helped us develop features like Quick Uninstall (1-click uninstalls), manual log editing, improved cookie management, and better tooltips. The community also inspired us to add a widescreen mode for low-resolution screens, the ability to manually trigger a thorough clean, and improved registry analysis. All of these features were inspired by user feedback! We are very grateful for your help and hope you will enjoy the best Ashampoo® UnInstaller ever!

The most intelligent installation monitor in the world!

The installation guard of the previous versions was good, but Ashampoo® UnInstaller 11 puts them in the shade! Our latest installation guard detects different installation types and uses type-specific optimization to track even the smallest changes to your system. In most cases, logging will also start and stop automatically, so you won't have to lift a finger! In addition, the program can now distinguish new installations from updates to avoid erroneous logging! So UnInstaller can even better monitor what's happening on your PC!

Check installed programs clearly arranged by categories

As your system ages, programs pile up and it becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of software. UnInstaller 11 has a handy category view that lists all installed programs by category. The program automatically detects your installed software applications and sorts them into the appropriate categories. You can even manually categorize (brand new) unknown applications. And because the category view is so useful, you can also set it as the home page for your UnInstaller!

We heard you

The UnInstaller community had a lot of requests and useful suggestions - and we are happy to comply with them! Would you like to start the uninstallation directly from the program list? No problem! Want to manually trigger a thorough search for leftover files after uninstalling? Sure! Now you can also edit log files manually, e.g. to exclude items from removal. Finally, there is a faster way to manage your secure cookies! We've also added tooltips with useful information about the installation folders and optimized the view for low-resolution displays.

Of course also for Windows 11!

A freshly set up and clean system guarantees optimal performance. That's why we recommend using UnInstaller to install any new application. UnInstaller 11 is fully compatible with Windows 11 and guarantees a clean uninstallation of programs without any residues. Don't let software installations clog up your fresh, new Windows system! Let UnInstaller log your installations and rest assured that you will be able to completely remove everything with one click... The program also features an interface optimized for the new Windows 11 design, as well as three classic dark versions.

System startup in full view

What happens in your PC when you press the power button? What programs and tasks are loaded - and is there any way to speed it up? Boot Center shows you what happens on your PC during the boot process. Examine running processes and autorun entries and disable unnecessary programs, including system default applications! The handy task view lists all Windows tasks, even orphaned entries left behind during uninstalls. Get rid of the unnecessary and speed up your Windows PC startup time!

Check Windows tasks and get rid of clutter

Windows task scheduling has never looked so nice! Instead of navigating through boring system menus, take the easy way out and track down unnecessary or orphaned tasks in style. Use the filter for a better overview and disable or delete unnecessary tasks. Not sure what to delete? The integrated online search will help you decide!

Simply evolved

UnInstaller 11 is responsive, thorough and fast. The program adapts to your screen resolution and automatically switches to widescreen mode if necessary. Thorough cleaning now benefits from improved registry scans that track down every single byte - even if the original setup scripts are corrupted! You'll also notice a significant speed increase in many modules, as we've made extensive optimizations under the hood. Coupled with new and more efficient cleaners, this is the best Ashampoo® UnInstaller yet!

Perfect uninstallations through heuristics and expertise

Different setups behave differently on your Windows computer. That's why UnInstaller 11 detects the setup type and relies on an extensive database to track and predict their behavior - similar to the heuristics engines in antivirus programs. No other uninstaller can do this! The result is more detailed installation logs and the ability to distinguish between new installations and updates only. This feature also allows UnInstaller to reliably detect the start and beginning of installations and search for leftovers. Benefit from state-of-the-art technology and rid your system of even the most exotic programs with Ashampoo® UnInstaller 11!

Detail improvements with great effect

Ashampoo® Uninstaller 10 was a great success, which prompted us to go even further in version 11! The new uninstall algorithm works noticeably more thoroughly and detects more clutter! We strive for perfect software removal, leaving not a single byte behind. Therefore, installation monitoring and database-driven software removal have also been improved. We've also worked closely with our support staff to take your feedback into account and make this UnInstaller the most robust and stable yet! And of course, popular cleaner modules like the Internet Cleaner have been fully updated!

No mercy for unwanted programs

Ashampoo® UnInstaller 11 rids your PC of no longer needed or inferior applications - but also of all those nasty programs that have sneaked onto your PC! Download portals in particular love to bundle their software with "add-ons" that border on spyware or malware. These potentially unwanted programs (PUPs), often disguised as toolbars or little helpers, have no luck with Ashampoo® UnInstaller 11. We don't like them and we're sure you don't either! UnInstaller even detects nested installers and quietly deletes them from your system!

Uninstall programs without leaving any residue

Windows relies entirely on the uninstall routines provided by the applications themselves - and that's just not enough! Whether through carelessness or on purpose, uninstalling programs via the default settings often leaves your PC with invalid registry entries and orphaned files. This mess not only wastes disk space, but also increases your registry size and decreases your system's performance. UnInstaller uses sophisticated scanning and cleaning methods that go far beyond the capabilities of Windows to detect and remove clutter. Therefore, we can say with a clear conscience that Ashampoo® UnInstaller 11 removes software down to the last byte!

Uninstall software like a pro

Even if this is your first time using Ashampoo® UnInstaller 11, you will feel right at home. The intelligently designed user interface ensures that all important functions are always just a click away. With UnInstaller, even complex technical processes are self-explanatory. Remove software completely and without residue, monitor new installations fully automatically, gain new insights into the inner workings of your PC and say goodbye to clutter - with no effort, no learning curve. This is the UnInstaller for everyone!

Delete software with Deep Cleaning technology

Ashampoo® UnInstaller 11 features seamless installation tracking that guarantees complete removal. This also applies to programs that you normally don't see. But even unmonitored installations are completely removed thanks to intelligent algorithms and our Deep Clean technology. This ensures that orphaned files and entries that would otherwise remain on your hard drive are completely removed!

Snapshots comparison - why is it important?

Think of Ashampoo® UnInstaller 11 as a logistics expert for your PC. Each snapshot creates an inventory of your system. This list includes all files and Windows registry settings. As soon as your system is modified (by installations, for example), you can create a second list and compare the two to reveal all the changes made to your system. This includes any new or deleted file, as well as any changes in the registry. UnInstaller 11 has a brand new Snapshot Wizard that makes creating and comparing snapshots incredibly easy! This is sophisticated technology made super accessible!

Try out new software worry-free

The new Ashampoo® UnInstaller 11 is packed with new features! Experience a new guard that fully detects almost every installation so you don't have to manually intervene anymore! Enjoy full compatibility with Windows 11, the new Boot Center to analyze system startup, and a smart category view with all your programs! Find performance obstacles or delete unnecessary tasks and save clicks with smart features. Get more information with detailed tooltips and benefit from numerous customer-requested changes! Last but not least, remove programs with unmatched ease of use and more thoroughly than ever before!
Install and Uninstall

Uninstall and Install  
Greatly improved automatic detection of installations
Smart installation monitoring detects setup types for more efficient uninstallation
Heuristic approach to automatically detect installations
Perfect for a clean Windows 11 from the start (of course also for Win 10, 8 and 7!)
Start and end of installs and uninstalls are detected automatically
Enhanced security and stability through advanced auditing algorithms
Complete uninstallation with just one click (Quick Uninstall)
Ideal matching Windows 11 skin to choose from
Automatic widescreen mode for low screen resolutions
Improved deep cleaning with optimized registry analysis
For professionals: Edit installation logs yourself
More precise differentiation between new installations and updates
Uninstalls even if the actual uninstall routines are destroyed
Show effects of individual programs on the system
Make locked files available and delete them with Unlocker
Improved, extremely stable program driver
Deep cleaning with even more files found
New, especially thorough uninstallation algorithm
Database with uninstall profiles of particularly stubborn programs
Very easy to uninstall via drag & drop
Follow up and delete program remnants after restarting the PC
Optionally create restore points before uninstalling
Additional info and statistics on program usage
Uninstall perfectly with software profiles even without a log
Automatic residual search even with standard uninstallation
Detailed installation log by comparing two snapshots
Deep cleaning for remaining installation residues
Securely shred sensitive data from uninstallations
History of uninstalled programs
Microsoft-certified program driver
Improved Deep Clean Technology
List and uninstall Windows apps
Detect and remove browser extensions
Faster browsing with protected privacy
Supports ExFAT partitions for flash storage
Uninstallation even of nested setups
Uninstallation of web-based installations
All changes to the system traceable through snapshots
Uninstallation of several programs at once in one go
Evaluation of installed software by the UnInstaller community
Intelligent uninstallation through combination of uninstallation routines
Info bar - stay informed during an installation
Enhanced program management for a better overview of installed programs
Maintain system  
Boot Center with analysis of autostart and system startup tasks
Exact display of startup time of individual programs and system apps
Display of boot delay, total and active autostart entries
Overview of all Windows tasks including orphaned (redundant) entries
New structure of the popular Tools category
Registry Optimizer - optimize, clean and repair
Undeleter - recover deleted files
Service Manager - Manage services and disable unnecessary ones
Clean System  
Cleaner modules up to date
Internet Cleaner - remove all Internet traces on your computer
File Wiper & Disk Scrubber - Securely delete files and irrevocably remove already deleted ones
Full Opera support
Delete files permanently
Drive Cleaner - free up disk space automatically
User guidance  
Display of all installed programs in categories for maximum overview
Practical tips and hints (tooltips) at central places of the program
New snapshot wizard for easy creation and comparison of system statuses
Info link to the homepage of the manufacturers of installed programs
More information about program installations
Multifunctional tray menu
One-touch interface - one click to function
Online search for applications for quick research
Rating of apps according to quality and utility


System requirement

Operating system
Windows® 11, Windows® 10, Windows® 8, Windows® 7

Any device that supports the operating systems listed above. Systems with ARM processors are not supported.


  • Internet connection is required to activate the program. The program license is checked repeatedly at regular intervals.
  • Full administrator rights are required to use the program.



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