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Ashampoo WinOptimizer 26

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The new Ashampoo WinOptimizer 26 turns on the turbo twice! Make your PC faster and clean it... more

Product information "Ashampoo WinOptimizer 26"

The new Ashampoo WinOptimizer 26 turns on the turbo twice!

Make your PC faster and clean it effectively - with just a few clicks!

Windows is good - but it could be better and faster! Ashampoo WinOptimizer 26 does it for you! Because operating systems become slow, error-prone and accumulate data junk over time. Important setting options are missing or can be found hidden deep in the system. Privacy is also threatened, especially Windows 10 and Windows 11 transfer more data than the user may like. This is where WinOptimizer steps in - quickly, precisely and powerfully. Without prior knowledge or much time investment, your computer can also run quickly and smoothly again, just like freshly installed! Give your PC a fast, lean Windows with privacy secured!


  • Find and delete sensitive data with Privacy Traces Cleaner
  • Individual Windows optimization with Tuning Assistant
  • Four powerful cleaners in One-Click Optimizer
  • System analysis with more information and clarity
  • Lightning fast Cleaner with new search algorithms
  • Info overlays through Windows Notification Center
  • Drive Cleaner with its own file filters
  • Improved browser handling for Internet Cleaner
  • Cleaner with profile support for browsers
  • Read and uninstall Windows apps in UnInstall Manager 2
  • UnInstall Manager 2 with new design, look + feel
  • Process Manager with tree structure
  • Display of services for SVHOST processes
  • Create and print modern designed reports
  • SSD Wizard with new design and more information

WinOptimizer-26 for up to 3 devices

A better Windows on three PCs at once
If you use Ashampoo® WinOptimizer privately, you can equip 3 of your computers with one license! Buy just one license and your whole family will benefit from a lean, fast and secure Windows! For commercial use only: one license per device.

Completely new cleaner with more power and efficiency

The hard disk cleaner for noticeably more hard disk space
With completely new technical principles and algorithms, the popular cleaners are on average 50% faster and more effective! WinOptimizer has never had such an increase! Whether Drive Cleaner, Registry Cleaner or Internet Cleaner, the cleaners literally race over your hard disks and catch more data garbage than ever before. Even older systems benefit from the new performance, buttery smooth animations, less memory usage and new context menus. And of course the cleaners are perfectly adapted for all supported operating systems, setups and current browsers!

A new dimension of deep cleaning thanks to WinOptimizer-26

Less data garbage, installation remnants and cache files on your hard disk
With the advanced deep cleaning, the hunt for data garbage goes into a new round and solves data protection and display problems along the way! Delete old Windows versions, backup copies of updates or Windows statistics about your personal data usage! Solve rendering problems of your games by clearing the DirectX shader cache of Windows. Your Explorer displays content strangely? Clear its cache and gain considerable disk space by the way! No less than 8 powerful new options give you maximum possibilities!

Less can be more!

Clean up the Windows registry and much more with clarity and multi-core power
In Cleaners, we've streamlined the interfaces so you can now see everything important at a glance. Collapsible categories reveal their details only when requested and clicked, and new context menus ensure that right-clicking is always worthwhile! A higher-level search reliably returns results across all categories, and running processes can be canceled at any time. The Registry Cleaner, for example, makes full use of your system's multicore for the first time, handling even large lists and statistics with ease. You will notice the difference immediately!


The best cookie management for all cases - and browsers!

Clean up and manage cookies with the best cookie module for Windows.
It has never been so important to have a good cookie management. Because as useful and convenient as cookies are, they also pose a risk to your privacy. The brand new Cookie Management offers the solution here, cross-browser! Display all cookies and double-click to determine which ones are safe and should not be deleted. Assign placeholders and thus release cookies of an entire domain or add pages manually, your changes will then apply to all browsers. And if you change your computer, for example, you can also export or import this list!

WinOptimizer-26 is also perfect for Windows 11!

MS Windows 11 came out after the last Ashampoo WinOptimizer, so high time to dive completely into the new operating system! With perfectly customized buttons, icons and dialogs, the program almost merges with Windows 11. Hundreds of buttons have been tested and re-integrated, so you can customize the look and behavior of the new Windows. You can disable widgets, change the appearance of the much-discussed taskbar, configure Explorer differently, and much more! Make Windows 11 your system, according to your rules! And of course, you can do all this with Windows 7 and Windows 10 too!

A stylish welcome

System analysis and hardware information in the most modern Windows look
Customer request No. 1 first: The CPU speedometer is back! And it has been made even more visually chic to keep up with the rest of the home page's tile design. Because never before WinOptimizer looked so valuable serious and modern at the same time! The animations are subtle, because the system analysis wants to inform, not distract. More contrast makes reading easier, modern Microsoft Windows Aero Snap support allows docking and scaling windows. Enjoy the high-quality control center of your computer, which always displays the latest hardware information!

The "second row" first-class improved

Beyond cleaning and quick optimization, the software offers modules that other companies would probably sell as standalone applications. The Process Manager, which keeps track of all the system's processes, or the UnInstall Manager, which provides valuable information about installed programs, are good examples. In an unprecedented detail work, these modules were also accelerated, made clearer or extended by useful functions. Together with new design in Icon Saver and System Restore Manager or easier handling in File Wiper, which securely deletes sensitive data, you'll find over 30 brand new, first-class modules for virtually any purpose!

More data protection for Windows 11, 10 and 7

Disable Windows telemetry, turn off Cortana and never share passwords? No problem!
Everything you need to protect your privacy is in the new Privacy Manager. This module combines the strengths of the popular AntiSpy and Windows 10 Privacy, and adds new features like disabling controversial telemetry. Is Windows allowed to share your passwords? Should Cortana analyze your handwriting? That's for you to decide! Thirteen comprehensive categories give you all-around protection from overly permissive apps and Windows components. And although Privacy Manager is only one of many modules in WinOptimizer, you can intervene in the system in 73 important places!

The perfect system start with Boot Center thanks to WinOptimizer-26

Speed up system startup, find brakes and disable performance hogs
What happens when a computer starts, which programs and tasks start - and doesn't it go faster? Boot Center shows you in detail how long system startup takes, where delays occur and which processes are to blame. Take a look at the programs in Autostart and disable unnecessary programs, even native apps! In the Tasks section, all Windows tasks are clearly displayed for the first time, including orphaned tasks, such as from uninstalled software, if desired. Relax and remove what is not needed and speed up the system startup and thus your Windows!

Full throttle into system optimization

Eight optimizers combined in one module for every area of the operating system
Even the start shows you the full power of Ashampoo WinOptimizer's optimization capabilities! No less than eight major problem areas of Windows can be analyzed in depth with a single mouse click and then solved immediately. Whether it's sweeping data junk like browser traces from your hard drive, deleting unnecessary registry entries, shortcuts or services - the comprehensive analysis makes your Windows faster, leaner and more secure. Optimize security settings, system settings, autostart and empty the recycle bin with one click! With a cleaner system startup and more free memory, your computer will simply run better and faster.

Want more tips on WinOptimizer-26?

Get a lean, fast and discreet Windows faster with tooltips
In the new WinOptimizer you will find tooltips in many important places. Just leave the mouse on the function for about 2 seconds and you will get the corresponding information. Or maximize the program when you start the One Click Optimizer, the dashboards or the analysis on the start page. The program reacts immediately and shows you more information! And especially handy: In the overview "All Modules" you can choose in the upper right corner whether you want to see the names of the modules or their functions!

The Swiss Army Knife for your PC

More than 30 modules packed with top functions for the perfect Windows
Ashampoo® WinOptimizer is much more than "just" a cleaning and tuning software: The program contains more than 30 powerful modules. Whether you want to improve security and data protection or put your system under the microscope with intelligent analyses - WinOptimizer is the best choice. How to recover data, securely delete or largely silence the chatty Windows 10? It's all included! All modules are updated every year and perfectly adapted to new Windows updates. No system optimization software has such a wealth of useful and helpful features!

System analysis at a glance or in detail

How healthy are your hard disks, where is the performance bottleneck?
Ashampoo® WinOptimizer always shows you comprehensively and up-to-date what is happening on your computer. If the health values of your hard disks change, you will be warned immediately and can act in time. Easily detect bottlenecks and sources of errors on your system and find potential for improvement. If you want to get a general overview, it is worth taking a look at the "Inform" dashboard. If you want to know in detail which hardware is installed at all, which drivers or codecs are installed or which components your network is working with, the System Information provides all the data!

Live overview with dashboards

Always up-to-date values for the most important functions of all areas of your PC
Dashboards show you the most important overviews and functions - always up to date! Under Clean Up, Optimize and Inform you get current overviews of the most important data in these areas - and have the fastest access to details and functions! Look forward to valuable information, perfectly prepared. Is the registry clean? Are there unnecessary services or is privacy at risk? You can see all this at first glance! With one click you are in the module that offers even more information. Our tip: Maximize the size of WinOptimizer, the dashboards use the space to show you much more exciting information!

Detect and delete unwanted browser extensions

Never again unwanted or invisible extensions in your browser.
The browser is not only your window to the Internet, it is also threatened by extensions that slow it down or spy on data. Everyone knows about toolbars, less known are the countless extensions that have no real benefit for you, but threaten performance and privacy. Many are not even shown by browsers as installed and are therefore invisible to them! Browser Extension Manager puts an end to this without compromise. You can see all extensions installed on your browsers without exception and then decide for yourself! Which extension do you need, where are unknown or unwanted extensions? With one click, unnecessary extensions are deleted and your browser is a good bit cleaner again!

Automatically save time and effort with WinOptimizer-26

Automaticallyremove data junk, clean up the registry and speed up Windows.
With three automatic functions WinOptimizer takes them a lot of work! Simply activate and go! With Auto-Clean the data garbage is not only cleaned - it does not arise in the first place. When you close your browser or any other program, the automatic sweeper whirls all leftovers like temporary files from the hard disk. Live Tuner cleverly speeds up application launches and can also be customized to give applications special priority (and thus more performance). The Game Booster closes everything the system doesn't need for gaming, so full power to the game! Especially when resources are scarce, this is a huge advantage! When you quit the game, all background services are restarted and you can continue working normally.

Simply create maintenance plans - and you're up and running!

Schedule tasks clearly and then let them run at will
For more than a decade, customers have valued One Click Optimizer and System Maintenance as indispensable cleaning and maintenance modules. Thus, WinOptimizer finds surfing traces, hidden data garbage, unnecessary registry entries and system settings that need to be improved. But who always remembers to run these functions regularly? With the handy task scheduler, you can have these functions run automatically at freely selectable intervals. Get your computer in top shape easily!

The most comprehensive system optimizer on the market offers you WinOptimizer-26!

Ashampoo WinOptimizer 26 speeds up twice - yourself and your computer! With new technology under the hood, all modules get faster, especially the popular cleaners sprint across your hard drives and find more than ever before! As an important addition, there is now the advanced deep cleaning with 8 powerful sections that can provide more disk space, privacy and fewer errors! If the new version then masterfully manages your cookies and also forms the perfect symbiosis with Windows 11, the new WinOptimizer 26 is worth it for you!

Probably the most comprehensive system optimizer on the market!

The new Ashampoo WinOptimizer 26 sets new accents! The powerful Privacy Traces Cleaner tracks down sensitive data that threatens your privacy and deletes it reliably! The new Tuning Assistant asks you simple questions and then optimizes your computer individually! Look forward to the extended One-Click Optimizer, with four cleaners whirling around for you, and the new UnInstall Manager 2! The connection to the Windows Notification Center provides information even when the program is minimized, and the system analysis convinces with more important information at a glance!

Info overlays through Windows Notification Center
Create and print modern designed reports
Display services for SVHOST processes
Updated start page with CPU speedometer and current hardware information
Problem-free Windows key readout
All functions fully Windows 11 compatible
Microsoft Windows Aero Snap support for scaling and docking windows
Practical tooltips with help and explanations of important functions
Greatly reduced memory consumption of numerous modules
Dynamic dashboards with new functions and settings
Completely intuitive program interface
Two skins (user interfaces) to choose from
Ready for the latest Windows updates
Ingenious navigation bar with access to all functions
Home page with eight-way optimization
Brilliant display at any resolution and on any screen
New operating concept
Interactive start screens with problem analysis
Effectively save energy and conserve the battery
Optimal game performance at the touch of a button with the Game Booster
Conveniently manage system policies with User Rights Manager
More performance with lower memory consumption
Conveniently manage restore points with System Restore Manager
Speed up every program startup with Live Tuner as a helper in the background
Wizard-supported optimization
Save and restore all changes with backup management
System maintenance  
Four powerful cleaners in the One-Click Optimizer
Find and delete sensitive data with Privacy Traces Cleaner
Lightning fast cleaners with new search algorithms
Drive Cleaner with custom file filters
Improved browser handling for Internet Cleaner
Cleaner with profile support for browsers
Maximum deep cleaning of system-relevant areas
Search and delete old Windows versions, updates and system caches
Cleaner design with reduced and extremely clear interface
Convenient cookie management for the administration of "secure cookies"
Windows recycle bin is now emptied automatically
Advanced system analysis for fast optimization of all important areas
Brand new Defrag without noticeable system load
Quickly merge free space in Defrag
Detailed disk analysis & information in Defrag
Practical task planner for maintenance and optimization
Identify problems on the file system and file structure
Convenient management also for Opera plug-ins
Improved browser extension manager
Automatic deletion of surfing traces and temporary files
Up-to-date search algorithms for all Cleaner modules
Simultaneous system cleaning for all users of a PC
Powerful Drive Cleaner for significantly improved results
Clean up hard disks with the Drive Cleaner
Optimize registry with the Registry Optimizer
New filter options in search results for quick results
File tools  
File Wiper with new confirmation dialog including method selection
Duplicate Finder with new filters for better results
Improved speed due to reprogramming
Permanently destroy already unsafe deleted files with improved File Wiper
ExFat partitions supported
Rescue accidentally deleted files with the Undeleter
Encrypt and split files absolutely securely with the File Manipulator
Securely and permanently delete files according to milittary standard with File Wiper
Safely and permanently remove the contents of the Recycle Bin
Track down invalid shortcuts with the Link Checker
Overwrite free space and safely destroy old file remnants
Encrypt and decrypt private files with File Encrypter and Decrypter
Split very large files for older file systems with the File Splitter and Joiner
System Analysis  
System analysis with more information and clarity
System information with support for modern multi-core processors
Accelerated hard disk analysis in the Disk Doctor module
ADS scanner for invisible data streams
All system information at a glance
Support for extremely large partitions
More information about running services
New, fast DiskSpace Explorer
Optimal support of solid state discs for longer lifetime
Innovative hard disk benchmark for detailed results
Manage installed fonts with the Font Manager
Detect hard disk problems before it's too late with the HDD Inspector
See disk usage and find large files with DiskSpace Explorer
Determine system performance with the System Benchmark
Compare results of the System Benchmark online
Increase performance  
Individual Windows optimization with Tuning Assistant
UnInstall Manager 2 with new design, look + feel
Process Manager with tree structure
SSD Wizard with new design and more information
Boot Center to analyze and accelerate system startup
Autostart module with display of startup time of individual programs and system apps
Conveniently view all Windows tasks and deactivate them if necessary
Process Manager with new detailed queries for professionals
Optimize the Internet connection with the Internet Tuner
SSD Wizard for solid-state drives
More speed by switching off unnecessary services with the Service Manager
Speed up Windows startup with the StartUp Tuner
Customize Windows  
Numerous new Windows 11 tweaks for Taskbar, Explorer and much more
Powerful Privacy Manager module for total privacy control
Find more extensions in the latest Browser Extension Manager
Customize Windows better with new tweaks
Changing hidden Windows features with the Tweaking module
Changing file associations with the File Associator


Languages of the WinOptimizer-26 software

German German
English English
Dutch Dutch (Guy Raedersdorf)
French French (Guy Raedersdorf)
Hungarian Hungarian (László Koncz)
Russian Russian (Сергей Царёв)
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Spanish (Argentina) Spanish (Argentina) (Angel De Giorgi)
Norwegian Nynorsk Norwegian Nynorsk (Olai Otterå)

System requirement of WinOptimizer-26

Operating system:
Windows® 11, Windows® 10, Windows® 7

Any device that supports the above operating systems. Systems with ARM processors are not supported.

Screen resolution 1280x768 (recommended: 1920x1080 )
Administration rights on the system are required to use the program.
Internet connection is required to activate the program. The program license is checked at regular intervals.

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