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Audials Music Rocket 2019

Audials Music Rocket 2019

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Audials Music Rocket has all the music video portals and Internet radio stations on board as a... more

Product information "Audials Music Rocket 2019"

Audials Music Rocket has all the music video portals and Internet radio stations on board as a booster. No other software delivers your favorite music and the charts so quickly!


  • The top hits delivered free to your door every month!

Audials delivers the charts to you at the touch of a button. New every month from now on! Plus chart hits from the past.


  • All hits from the music portals!

Looking for specific hits? Simply enter them in the music search and Audials Music Rocket will find the hits you're looking for in many connected music portals! As a music video or from it the audio track as, for example, an MP3 music file in the highest quality.


  • Your music supply at the speed of light 

20.000,000 hits from 120 music genres are available for you to choose from! Simply select and get everything from individual hits to entire discographies of your favorite stars. Audials knows the right music portals or finds the right station for your recording from 30,000 monitored Internet radio stations. Naturally in music store quality at up to 320 kBit/s.


Music requests:

Thousands of Internet radios and the intelligent Internet direct search leave no music wish unfulfilled. 20.000,000 pieces of music are available to you with one click, among other things, as MP3. Podcasts & music TV offer additional variety.


Music search:

Quickly get individual hits and entire music albums via direct download

Audials Music Rocket offers the fastest way to get music legally and for free via download in MP3, WMA or AAC file format from well-known audio and video portals and convert them from video to audio.



Quickly find the best radios for your musical tastes, record them and enjoy them with full comfort

With Audials, it's child's play to find the stations that play your favorite music most often from 100,000 of the best Internet radio stations, and you can also refine them by musician. 120 music genres to choose from!



Varied entertainment to watch and listen to

Audials provides you with more free entertainment with the integrated podcatcher.

Thousands of podcasts for varied entertainment

With the self-updating podcast database, you can subscribe to, download and enjoy 350,000 podcasts with millions of episodes as audio or video broadcasts from the world's best podcast providers for free!


Music TV:

Around-the-clock music videos from the best music channels on the Internet

You can run Music TV with Audials Player as a detached window while you operate other programs.

Many music TV stations via video streaming

Audials also entertains you around the clock with many of the best music TV stations in its own player.


All media files

Fuel clouds and mobile devices. Use media on other PCs. Enjoy entertainment comfortably.

Simply select individual music tracks or entire music albums and drag them to connected devices and clouds is child's play with Audials.



Versatile player and playlists for your entertainment

You can enjoy radios, music, videos, podcasts and movies directly in Audials with the integrated player, detached in a separate main window or in full-screen mode.



Music and more:

  • The Audials Turbo! Now with Audials Music Rocket!

Audials Music Rocket searches the best music sites and simultaneously monitors thousands of Internet radio stations around the world with the Audials radio network to deliver the music you want, targeted, at lightning speed and legally. Singles, albums or the complete discography of your stars you get with the wish list.


  • Always automatically the music charts and new ideas free of charge

Audials provides you with the Rock Charts, Schlager Charts, German Music Video Charts, Pop Music Charts, Dance Charts, US Singles Charts, 80s Charts and the US Music Video Charts. But Audials also delivers newcomer showcases and movie soundtracks fresh to your table every month. You can import additional music suggestions from the community with the wish lists of other users.


  • Audials artist directory offers you an entire music universe

With a separate category for top artists in a music genre or by entering the name of a band, for example, you can access the complete discography with all the hits and albums of your stars with just one click. In this way, you can have Audials deliver a musician's entire life's work to you. To get music albums, simply click on the image with the desired album in the artist directory. But Audials also offers chart hits and even samplers for selection. Of course, you can also select individual tracks.


  • Audials fulfills all music requests including all ID3 tags, album images and lyrics

You automatically get the music tracks in any desired output format with all ID3 tags, album images and even lyrics. No other software delivers so fast fully automatic, free and legal music in the best quality and complete with all ingredients as in Music Shop.


  • Download music & music videos

Audials Music Rocket simultaneously searches for your stars' music tracks in the best legal music sources. From the hits clearly grouped by music albums, you can conveniently record the desired tracks as a video or music track immediately with just one click. If you want, you can even play the found music tracks before recording.


  • Top songs for music search

Tell Audials your taste in music, for example, with a piece of music as a reference, and Top Songs will provide you with a playlist of music tracks to suit your taste with just one click. You can play and download the hits individually or pull them all down at once. By the way, you can do the same with music videos. So you get a lot of new music from Audials in just a few minutes. By the way, Top Songs also works with selection of a music genre or artist.


  • Pulling new music from the Internet with Audials is simply fun

Top hits are highlighted in the search results. With just one click on the download button, Audials delivers the music you want. With the Autoplay mode, Audials automatically plays the top hits it finds. This turns Audials into your personal radio!


  • Up-and-coming, popular or evergreen? What would you like?

You can decide whether you want the most popular hits, well-known songs or evergreens from a music genre. You can also refine your selection by choosing the year of publication.


  • Find more artists with the music universe for music search

With Audials Music Rocket, you can get suggestions for similar music to your favorite artist. Audials Music Rocket shows you photos, bands and artists that are musically comparable to the musician you entered. With its discography of 1,450,000 artists, the artist directory already offers a rich selection. On top, however, you can also get suggestions with the categories Top Artists from the 120 music genres and Charts & Samplers.


  • The largest database with the most Internet radio stations!

In addition to all the major radios, Audials also has the most popular German-language radios ready for you. You can browse the radio database classically by music genre, countries, languages or local radio stations. Alternatively, you can find suitable radios more quickly by entering your favorite artist in the dynamic search.


  • Suck also 200 hits from the radio after the fact

Instead of recording for days on end, Audials software lets you download all the hits played by your favorite show or presenter at once, or pick out the gems. As an additional highlight, the radio view offers you the 200 music tracks last played on your favorite radio station. Very clever: With just one click, you can download any hit you want from the playlist of your favorite presenter using the music search function.


  • Bulk record music of your favorite music genres

Simply select your favorite music genre and Audials Music Rocket will automatically record only the music tracks of the desired music genre from the best radios for this purpose. You can set the duration with the radio timer, but also a recording limit with number of desired music tracks. You can have all music tracks from any number of radios automatically recorded and saved into individual music files. The songs are perfectly cut from the radio stream, enriched with ID3 tags, pictures of the music albums as well as lyrics and saved as music files.


 Media library

  • Fueling mobile devices and cloud storage

Audials refuels your smartphone or tablet directly via USB cable on the PC or via the Internet from the cloud. With a left/right view, Audials shows you your PC's music collection and the destination folder of your connected device. The most important clouds, such as Windows OneDrive, Google Drive or Dropbox are preconfigured and can also be fueled like a device.


  • Audials turns your PC into a jukebox

With the playlist generator, you can easily have playlists created automatically. Simply enter a genre or artist and Audials generates a new playlist with matching music. Of course, you can also add tracks from your music collection to a playlist manually using drag & drop.
  • Visual playlist with album thumbnails and two-line display

You can display a playlist as a text view or as a visual display with album artwork with seven individual sortings and groupings. You can also export playlists in independent standard formats and thus use them on other players independently of Audials. You can also import playlists from other players, such as Winamp, and use them in Audials!
What's new?
  • NEW! 350.000 podcasts
  • NEW! Clear summary of music recording tabs 
The three popular views Music Search, Music Wishes and My Music have been merged into the new Music view. This makes it much easier for you to get your music.
Whatever is missing in your collection, add it right on click! Embark on a musical journey of discovery and experience music in a whole new way, downloading it directly or adding it to your wishlist.


System requirements
Version 2019
Operating system Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • 1 GHz CPU

  • 2 GB RAM

  • 1 GB Hard Drive Space for Installation

  • Broadband Internet Access


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