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F-Secure Mobile Security

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[Backup] Data carrier to your software
  F-Secure Mobile Security is the security solution for smartphones and many tablet... more

Product information "F-Secure Mobile Security"

F-Secure Mobile Security is the security solution for smartphones and many tablet computers. It protects the content on your device, guarantees security for mobile browsing and helps if your device is lost or stolen.

Do you care about the content on your smartphone? Imagine what would be at stake if your phone was lost or stolen or infected by mobile malware: All your content, messages, emails, photos... Simply incredible!

Mobile Security is a complete solution for the security of your smartphone. This solution protects the content on your phone, enables safe mobile web browsing and helps you if your phone is lost or stolen.

The security solution for smartphones and many tablet computers
F-Secure Mobile Security

It's important to protect your smartphone and its contents, but it doesn't have to be complicated. Enjoy peace of mind today knowing that both the device and mobile content are protected:

Complete security solution for smartphones and many tablets with automatic updates. Protects your personal and confidential data. Detects and blocks spy programs that secretly send your private and confidential data. Protects data if your device is lost or stolen and helps you find it. Protects against viruses and other malware.

Locates your lost or stolen phone
Life is mobile. Protect it.

F-Secure Mobile Security is a complete security solution for smartphones and tablet computers. The solution protects the content of your device, keeps you and your children safe while surfing and supports you in case your cell phone is lost or stolen.

Safe surfing with F-Secure Mobile Security

With F-Secure Mobile Security you know immediately which websites are safe to visit and which you should avoid. Websites that aim to spread malware or steal your online user data, such as online banking credentials, are automatically blocked, so you are always protected when you are online. Parental Control's content monitoring feature ensures that your children are protected from inappropriate or harmful web content.

Protect your kids from inappropriate web content
Locks and locates your device if lost

Mobile devices can be easily lost or stolen. Therefore, it is of great importance to protect the device and be able to search and control it remotely. Remote Lock, Remote Wipe, Alarm, Locate and Anti-Theft features help protect confidential data and locate your device with F-Secure Mobile Security .

If your phone is stolen and the SIM card is replaced, the anti-theft feature automatically locks the phone and notifies you of the new number. F-Secure Mobile Security also lets you track people and places. With the new Location Sharing feature, you can inform others of your current location. In addition, the current owner of the device can be located remotely at any time.

The F-Secure Mobile Security Labs are on duty around the clock
Protection against all types of malicious software

Take advantage of automatic real-time protection against viruses, spyware, Trojans and malicious applications capable of leaking private information unnoticed. Automatically updated protection from the world-renowned F-Secure Labs ensures that you can use your device with peace of mind - today and in the future. Comprehensive protection for your mobile devices:

Protects online identity and ensures safe browsing. Protects children from inappropriate web content. Locates a lost device or the current owner. Locks a device after loss and deletes data. Protects against malicious apps, malware and viruses. Millions of users trust F-Secure to protect their data - whether at home, in the office or on their mobile devices.

Protects your children

Parental controls ensure that your children are protected from inappropriate web content. For the content filter, you can choose predefined settings based on the age of the child or select from 15 different content categories: Adult, Chat, Dating, Drugs, Gambling, Incitement, Sports, Travel, Violence, Weapons, Webmail, Sandbox, Forums, Blogs and Social Networking. Furthermore, you can effortlessly locate the current owner of the device with the Location Sharing and Remote Location features.

Fastest possible protection through F-Secure Mobile Security

Regular automatic updates ensure that your smartphone is protected against new mobile threats as quickly as possible. F-Secure Labs, operating around the clock worldwide, guarantee the shortest response times and timely action on new and emerging threats.

Features to F-Secure Mobile Security:
  • Protects your personal and confidential content from viruses and malware
  • Enables secure surfing and protects your identity online
  • Finds your lost or stolen phone or the person with whom the phone is located
  • Protect your children from inappropriate web content
  • Locate your children at any time from their cell phone
Supported platforms

Android smartphone and tablet devices running Android 5.0 or later

Best mobile security apps for Android
F-Secure Mobile Security offers the protection you need to stay safe on the go. Find out about the best mobile security for Android below.

Protect your digital life on any device

Smartphones have quickly become our primary tools for communication, business and entertainment. We also use them to transfer ever-increasing amounts of data and money via online banking and other transactions. In today's world, smartphones are exposed to as many online threats as regular computers.
Secure browsing, banking and using apps with your phone

While you focus on what's important to you, we'll make sure you're protected and safe online on both your tablet and smartphone. Protect yourself and your devices from viruses, spyware, hacker attacks and online identity theft.

All the mobile protection you need in one package

    Mobile antivirus for Android

    Mobile antivirus for Android, secure online shopping and banking for all devices
    Unlimited mobile VPN

    Secure and private browsing with hidden IP address and Wi-Fi protection
    Password manager with identity protection

    Secure and fast login with password vault and auto-fill credentials, real-time privacy breach alerts to help you avoid identity theft

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Properties: "F-Secure Mobile Security"
Operating System:
Included Applications:
Child Protection
Password Manager
Safe Browsing
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Properties: "F-Secure Mobile Security"
Operating System:
Included Applications:
Child Protection
Password Manager
Safe Browsing
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