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G DATA Internet Security

G DATA Internet Security

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G DATA - Securely on the move in the network: G DATA unerringly detects ransomware and stops the... more

Product information "G DATA Internet Security"

G DATA - Securely on the move in the network: G DATA unerringly detects ransomware and stops the encryption of files. With behavior-based Next Generation technologies, blackmail Trojans don't stand a chance. Your money stays where it belongs. BankGuard reliably protects you from manipulated websites and other attacks during online banking and shopping. Surf all you want. G DATA Internet Security protects you from harmful downloads and phishing sites - even in social networks.

The most important features of G Data Internet Security


Monitors all incoming and outgoing connections to protect against hackers and spyware - fully automatically or according to your own rules.

Cloud Backup Optimized

Automatically store your encrypted backups in the cloud - at Dropbox, Google Drive or DriveOnWeb.

Anti-Ransomware Optimized

No chance for blackmail Trojans: G Data protects you from criminals encrypting your files.

G DATA BankGuard

G Data patented technology protects your browser against manipulation by data thieves - for secure online banking and shopping.


Blocks spam such as advertising and phishing emails and keeps your email inbox clean.

Parental lock

Control your kids' Internet usage: Set times and let your kids surf only on checked sites.

Virus scanner

Rely on the highest detection rates through parallel working technologies. Every hour you receive new virus signatures for the best protection against malware.

Exploit protection

Protects your computer from criminals taking advantage of security holes in, for example, Office applications and PDF readers.

How G Data protects your path through the web

With online banking and shopping

The connection between your bank and your computer is usually encrypted. The decoding of the data transmission takes place in your browser: Cyber criminals use banking Trojans to get involved in the process. As soon as you make a transfer, the attackers manipulate the data sent. Your money then no longer goes to the intended recipient like an online shop, but ends up in another account.

Of course, G Data virus scanners recognise banking Trojans by their characteristics. If this pest already has its own signature, Internet Security makes the malware harmless as soon as it is downloaded. G Data BankGuard technology provides additional protection against as yet unknown dangers: This function ensures that your browser only displays checked and unaltered content.

How does BankGuard do that?

Manipulations by banking trojans take place in certain files in the main memory. G DATA BankGuard automatically recognizes when an infection attempt is made and replaces the affected memory area with a secure copy.

While receiving and sending e-mails

In addition to the files on your hard drive and external storage, G Data virus scanners also check your e-mails for harmful content. This applies to all messages that you receive and send with the e-mail program on your computer. If the scanner does not find anything, the G Data Anti-Spam function is also activated: the application checks the e-mails for characteristics that are typical of spam. These characteristics are used to calculate a value that reflects the probability of spam.

In addition to its own assessment, the OutbreakShield technology compares the results with a database on the Internet - this is where the patterns of mass sent viruses and spam mails are recorded. In this way, G Data Internet Security closes the gap in real time that exists between the start of a mass mailing and combating it with specially adapted signatures.

While surfing

The virus guard checks all files coming from the web. It stops infected documents, images, etc. as soon as they are downloaded, so even unnoticed downloads no longer pose a danger to you. Internet security is not only dependent on the hourly updated virus signatures. In addition to the signature scan, the software works with a cloud solution: This online repository collects properties of current files that contain malicious code. These properties are compared with those of your files - and you quickly find out if everything is secure.

And how does G DATA protect against dangerous websites?

Internet addresses are also collected in the cloud: If a URL in the database is known to be a distributor of harmful content, G Data Browser protection blocks the page. So if cybercriminals try to trap you with phishing links, you have nothing to fear. By the way, this also applies to attacks via social networks: links in false posts and advertisements are not opened in the browser.

Regardless of the cloud, G Data Web Protection examines all the data sent to your computer to visit a website. This way it detects dangerous content before you open the page.

System requirements

  • Windows 10 / 8.1 / 7 (SP1): Min. 2 GB RAM (32- & 64-bit), CPU with x86 or x64 architecture
  • macOS 10.12 and newer, 2 GB RAM
  • Android 5 and higher
  • iOS 12.4 and higher
  • Internet connection required for installation, virus signature and software updates

Scope of delivery:

  • Original license key G Data Internet Security
  • Verified Highspeed Downloadlink to get the software fast & secure.
  • invoice with declared VAT
  • Instructions for easy installation.

Note: This offer does not include a product key sticker (COA label) This offer is aimed at private individuals as well as companies, business customers, authorities, organisations, schools, communities and churches.

Properties: "G DATA Internet Security"
Operating System:
Included Applications:
Child Protection
Cloud Backup
Multi Device
Password Manager
Phishing protection
Safe Banking
Virus Protection
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Available downloads:
Properties: "G DATA Internet Security"
Operating System:
Included Applications:
Child Protection
Cloud Backup
Multi Device
Password Manager
Phishing protection
Safe Banking
Virus Protection
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