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iolo System Mechanic 2024 Ultimate Defense
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Total performance, protection and privacy for your digital life™ Introducing System Mechanic®... more

Product information "iolo System Mechanic 2024 Ultimate Defense"

Total performance, protection and privacy for your digital life™

Introducing System Mechanic® Ultimate Defense™, from iolo
Phoenix 360 has been integrated into the System Mechanic product family with the introduction of the new System Mechanic Ultimate Defense.

    Optimize PC speed
    Block and remove malware
    Recover irreplaceable files
    Permanently delete sensitive data
    Protect your online habits from spying eyes
    Improve identity theft protection
    Stop cookie tracking with browser cleaners
    Secure and manage all your passwords
    Version 22.5
Why System Mechanic Ultimate Defense?
What total performance, protection and privacy means in your digital life

There are a frightening number of security and performance vulnerabilities in the modern computing world, as the methods for stealing your data, hacking your PC or overloading it with bloatware, spam and pop-up ads become more sophisticated every minute.

Many of the world's largest companies that consumers deal with every day have proven unable to protect personal information.* Hackers even forced the resignation of the CEO of Equifax when they obtained the personal information of over 145 million U.S. consumers, including the credit card numbers of hundreds of thousands of people.

In these challenging times, iolo, maker of the best-selling PC optimization software System Mechanic, delivers the most comprehensive security, privacy and optimization package yet to protect, speed up and simplify your digital life - with seven premium products at one low price.

* In the last few years alone, there have been data breaches at companies like Anthem Insurance, Sony, Yahoo, Target, Home Depot, eBay, Facebook, WWE Network, Zappos, Sonic, and LinkedIn - not to mention the exposed personal information of 22 million federal employees, the cell phone hack of White House Chief of Staff and former Homeland Security chief John Kelly, and the details stolen by the NSA about how the U.S. protects itself against cyberattacks.

The applications included in System Mechanic Ultimate Defense provide anti-browser tracking and online privacy protection, secure password encryption and management, VB100-certified antivirus protection, on-demand malware detection and removal, military-grade hard drive erasure technology, award-winning PC optimization, and advanced file recovery software.

System Mechanic Ultimate Defense helps you protect against:

    Password hacks
    Credit card theft
    Spying on your online habits
    Selling personal information
    Targeted price discrimination
    Damaging reputation
    Ad trackers
    Accidentally deleting files
    Theft of sensitive data
    Malware intrusion:
    - protects against threats
    - Removes existing infections
    Windows® vulnerabilities
    Bloatware and startup bottlenecks
    Slowdown caused by applications running unnecessarily in the background

Privacy Guardian™
System Mechanic Ultimate Defense - Privacy Guardian

Security starts with privacy

Privacy Guardian online privacy thwarts browser fingerprinting scripts, by encrypting the data they rely on to obtain large amounts of personal information about you.

Imagine being denied a loan because a company secretly collected data that, albeit out of context, suggests you are an irresponsible shopper. This is just one of the many ways personal data collected online can be used against you.

Surf anonymously, search privately, and protect your identity online with Privacy Guardian.

With Privacy Guardian, you can prevent online companies from learning details about your identity, such as your:

    Online searches
    Videos watched
    Websites visited
    Vacation habits
    Prescription medications
    Vehicle purchases
    Income and debt
    Marital status and children

System Mechanic Ultimate Defense - ByePass

Protect passwords and credit cards

ByePass simplifies your digital life while securing it. ByePass is a platform-independent, secure password manager that also helps protect your online purchases.

Block credit card access

With ByePass, malicious middlemen are prevented from stealing your credit card information because the numbers are encrypted locally and only used for purchases when needed.

Never again will you have to enter or store passwords and credit cards insecurely in your web browser, where they can be stolen by keyloggers and hackers.

No more making up, remembering and typing passwords with ByePass secure password and credit card management.

ByePass helps prevent dangerous password breaches by providing a hassle-free way to:

    Encrypt - Store your passwords and credit cards securely with military-grade encryption.
    Never forget a password again - because you don't have to remember it!
    Organize securely - Delete and dispose of those dangerous password lists.
    Ensure the appropriateness of your passwords - ByePass automatically checks the security level of your passwords.
    No more typing passwords - ByePass fills them in automatically and even thinks them up with its password generator.
    Log out remotely - from all websites from anywhere.

System Shield®.
System Mechanic Ultimate - System Shield

Block malware

System Shield is a VB100-certified anti-malware solution that employs both reactive and proactive malware detection strategies.

In a reactive strategy, viruses are detected using published malware signatures.

The proactive strategy uses sophisticated behavioral monitoring techniques to get a general sense of whether a particular file is trying to harm your computer, and stop attacks before a security patch is released for a particular threat.

Protect your PC from viruses, spyware, Trojans, rootkits and other malicious software with System Shield.

Not long ago, cybersecurity teams from several leading anti-malware companies reported that nearly 1 million new malware threats are released every day. This staggering amount of rapidly evolving threats makes it more important than ever for Windows users to protect their PCs with the best and most up-to-date antivirus software they can find.

However, according to Verizon's 2019 Data Breach Investigations Report, hacking attacks, social attacks and malware incidents accounted for the majority of attacks. That means AV software with a proven history is just as important as regularly updating with the latest threat definitions.

Since 1998, System Shield has been at the forefront of this fight, regularly and automatically integrating the latest threat definitions to maintain an ever-growing list of both specific malware signatures and suspicious behaviors to keep your PC safe.

Malware Killer™.
System Mechanic Ultimate - Malware Killer

Find and destroy existing malware

Malware Killer is the nuclear option that finds and removes dangerous malware on already infected computers.

Malware Killer is unique among malware removal programs in that it uses the proprietary Scan CloudTM-based scanning and analysis method, enabled by its own carefully developed heuristic algorithm, to drastically reduce detection time for brand new outbreaks. This method allows Malware Killer to continuously expand an extensive reputation database and even detect previously unknown threats.

When Malware Killer finds suspicious samples, it sends them to the Scan Cloud Sandbox, where they are securely analyzed, whereupon the malware detection engine immediately becomes even more powerful. Malware Killer then shares this improved detection power with all users, even on machines where Scan Cloud functionality is disabled.

Allows you to disable aggressive Windows personal data collection services that are otherwise difficult to turn off.

Advanced on-demand malware removal features:

    Cloud-based malware analysis and removal
    Removes the latest types of malware
    Fast detection time for the latest threat outbreaks

Your AV protection is like a pest trap that keeps intruders out. Malware Killer is the exterminator's house call.

Detect and remove dangerous malware with Malware Killer.

System Mechanic®.
System Mechanic Ultimate Defense - System Mechanic

Prevent Windows Slowdowns

System Mechanic, the seven-time PC Magazine Editors' Choice Award winner, is the only performance solution that first performs a series of complex automated maintenance tasks to keep your PC stable and trouble-free.

Then System Mechanic gets to work, using proprietary technology to optimize dozens of Internet, processor, memory and hard drive settings in real time for maximum system speed and performance.

Allows you to disable aggressive Windows personal data collection services that are otherwise difficult to turn off.

System Mechanic automatically:

    Increases speed
    Repairs problems
    Removes clutter
    Increases system stability
    Detects bloatware
    Unleashes Internet speed

System Mechanic is optimized for Windows 10 and works whenever your PC is idle. It removes junk files, registry fragments and other unwanted things that clutter and slow down Windows.

A group of real-time features cuts down on unimportant, processor-hungry apps, frees up unused memory and processor cores for programs when they need them, and improves an entire cache of underperforming network settings for the smoothest streaming, gaming, or browsing possible over your broadband connection.

Unleash the full power of your PC with System Mechanic, designed to make the most of the modern operating system.

Search and Recover™
System Mechanic Ultimate Defense - Search and Recover

Recover Lost Data

Search and Recover uses powerful technology to recover items that many other file recovery products overlook. Recover important work and cherished memories you thought were lost forever.

Recover accidentally deleted documents, music, photos, emails, videos, system files and even entire folders from many hard drives, cameras and other devices.

Search and Recover can help you do just that:

    Recover emails from popular email clients
    Recover from many types of devices, including:
    - Cameras
    - Memory cards
    - USB flash drives
    Recover from specific damaged devices
    Easy-to-use step-by-step wizards make recovery fast and convenient

Search and Recover rescues valuable data you thought was lost forever.

System Mechanic Ultimate Defense - DriveScrubber

Irreversibly Erase Sensitive Data

DriveScrubber securely and permanently erases sensitive data from entire hard drives with military-grade file erasure technology.

Threats to your privacy and security have many faces. One is users neglecting to delete their personal data when they sell, donate or recycle a computer.

Even after you delete it or reformat a drive, identity thieves can still access it:

    Bank statements
    Credit card numbers

DriveScrubber is designed to meet the strict protocols of mission-critical government and military organizations.

DriveScrubber complies with the US Department of Defense 5220.22-M standard, which ensures that your private files can never be recovered.

DriveScrubber's advanced file deletion technology allows you to delete data in a way that it cannot be recovered.

System Mechanic Ultimate Defense System Requirements

To run System Mechanic Ultimate Defense, your computer must meet the following requirements:

    Windows® 11, 10, 8.1, 8, or 7
    At least 270 MB of free hard disk space
    At least 512 MB of RAM (optimally 2 GB)
    Internet connection
    Windows Administrator user account
    Latest Windows updates fully installed
    A USB drive is required to run DriveScrubber's full data wipe feature

Phoenix 360™ has been integrated into the System Mechanic® product family with the introduction of the new System Mechanic® Ultimate Defense™.

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