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Microsoft Outlook 2007

Microsoft Outlook 2007

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Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 provides an integrated solution for managing your time and your... more

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Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 provides an integrated solution for managing your time and your information, allowing connections across borders. You'll always be in control of what happens with the information you receive. Office Outlook 2007 offers innovations that help you quickly sort through your communications, organize your work, and better share your information with others - all from one central location.

Manage your time and your information with Microsoft Outlook 2007

Quickly search through all your information. Find all the information you're looking for right from the Office Outlook 2007 user interface with built-in Instant Search, which lets you search your information, including e-mail attachments, by keyword. Get more specific search results by further narrowing your search using the useful criteria in the Instant Search area.

Manage your daily priorities. Use the taskbar to structure your day and manage your priorities. The taskbar gives you a consolidated view of your calendar, upcoming appointments, tasks, and flagged emails so you can easily put your information into action.

Get better results faster thanks to the redesigned user interface. Office Outlook 2007 includes a redesigned user interface for e-mail composition. This makes composing and formatting e-mail messages and related actions easier and more intuitive. All of the rich features and functionality of Office Outlook 2007 are now easily accessible and located within the message.

Identify information visually. Office Outlook 2007 color categories make it easy to personalize and add categories to information of any type. Color categories make it easy to visually distinguish between items. This makes it easier to manage data and search your information.

Open attachment previews with just one click. Accessing email attachments is often a multi-step process, and there's no easy way to quickly assess the content. With Attachment Preview, you can open attachment previews with one click directly in Office Outlook 2007.

Connections across borders thanks to Microsoft Outlook 2007

Create and subscribe to Internet calendars. Internet calendars provide a way to view current industry events or calendars and schedules based on your personal interests. You can use Office Outlook 2007 to add a static Internet calendar, subscribe to a dynamic calendar, and create your own Internet calendars to share with others.

Send your calendar information to any user with calendar snapshots. Need an easy way to share your calendar information? With Calendar Snapshots, Office Outlook 2007 creates an HTML representation of your calendar that you can share with other users.

Publish your Internet calendar to Microsoft Office Online. You can easily create a new Internet calendar in Office Outlook 2007 and publish it to Office Online 2007 to share with others. With Microsoft Passport credentials, you can invite a group of colleagues, customers, friends, and family members to view and work with your calendar. This way, each person gets the latest information.

Take advantage of full integration with Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services technology. With Office Outlook 2007, you can fully interact with information stored with Windows SharePoint Services technology anytime, anywhere. You can connect calendars, documents, contacts, and tasks from Windows SharePoint Services to Office Outlook 2007 for comprehensive editing capabilities. Any changes you make to information stored in Outlook 2007 are reflected in the version on the server.

Better functionality and collaboration with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 When Office Outlook 2007 and Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 are used together, users have access to enhanced collaboration features and security improvements. Exchange Server 2007 enables and provides dynamic mailbox connections, unified messaging capabilities, and better, advanced junk e-mail protection.

Send text messages conveniently from Outlook with the click of a mouse. Outlook Mobile service is a feature of Outlook that lets you send and receive text and picture messages between Office Outlook 2007 and any cell phone. The Outlook Mobile service also lets you send Outlook e-mail messages, contacts, appointments, and tasks as text messages to yourself or to others. You can set up Office Outlook 2007 to automatically send e-mail messages, reminders, and your daily calendar as text messages directly to your cell phone.

Work with RSS subscriptions in Office Outlook 2007 You can now subscribe to and interact with RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds directly in Office Outlook 2007 - the best place to manage this type of information. The first steps to adding RSS feeds from the RSS subscription home page in Office Outlook 2007 are quite simple.

Customize and share electronic business cards. Electronic business cards provide an easy way to create, customize, and share your information with your clients or friends. You can add photos, company logos, or other personal information to your card so recipients can easily identify it.

More protection and security for your e-mails with Microsoft Outlook 2007

Avoid junk e-mail and reduce the risk of malicious Web sites. The junk e-mail filter already introduced in Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 prevents junk e-mail from landing in your inbox. The Junk E-mail Filter in Office Outlook 2007 includes additional features that protect you from giving away your personal information. New anti-phishing features disable threatening links and warn you about e-mail content that may be malicious or from phishers.

Enhanced protection and security with Exchange Server 2007. Office Outlook 2007 and Exchange Server 2007 work together to provide a new junk e-mail filter with anti-phishing technology. Exchange Sever 2007 scans incoming e-mail first, determines if an e-mail message is legitimate, and disables any links or URLs it contains to protect users.

Control the distribution of confidential information. Protect your corporate assets by preventing recipients from forwarding, copying, or printing important email messages with the information rights management feature. You can even set an expiration date for the message, after which it can no longer be viewed or otherwise used. Information rights management requires Microsoft Windows Server 2003 or later with Microsoft Windows Rights Management Services (RMS).

Ensure compliance with managed email folders. Exchange Server 2007 offers managed e-mail folders, a new approach to document retention, archiving, and compliance. Users can view and interact with these folders in Office Outlook 2007 as they would any other e-mail folder, but messages stored in such a folder are handled according to document retention, archiving, and expiration policies defined by the administrator. With managed email folders, users and administrators can easily comply with various types of external regulations and corporate message retention policies.

 Ensure the legitimacy of e-mail messages with the Office Outlook 2007 e-mail seal. With the Office Outlook 2007 e-mail seal, you can ensure that the e-mail arriving in your inbox is legitimate and that the recipient's e-mail client trusts your e-mail sent with Office Outlook 2007. The creation of e-mail with the e-mail seal uses a new technology that Microsoft has developed as part of its ongoing efforts against junk e-mail. This technology asks the sender's computer to perform a calculation or task. This work is assigned to the email message as a sign of legitimacy. Email seals make it very time-consuming and technologically devastating to send bulk emails like spam, but they do not hinder legitimate users from sending emails.

Features of Microsoft Outlook 2007

  • Streamlined instant search to quickly and easily find all types of information in contact information, email attachments, appointments and much more.
  • Organization made easy. Use the To-Do List to structure your day and better manage the daily information overload - in a consolidated calendar overview with many display options.
  • Simplify email handling. Take advantage of an improved user interface to create and format emails, prioritize messages with color codes, and view the contents of email attachments with a single click.
  • Work with Internet calendars. Create and subscribe to Internet calendars and share them with colleagues for optimal collaboration.
  • Work with RSS subscriptions in Office Outlook 2007.
  • Protection against spam and malicious Internet sites. Enhanced junk mail filtering keeps your mailbox free of unwanted messages, while anti-phishing features keep you safer.

System requirements

  • Windows XP with SP2 / Server 2003 with SP1
  • Processor with at least 500 MHz
  • at least 256 MB RAM
  • 1.5 GB free hard disk space (will be partially freed after installation)
  • CD-ROM or DVD drive
  • Monitor with a resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher
  • Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher
  • for speech recognition a proximity microphone and a sound output device are required
  • for instant search MS Windows Desktop Search 3. 0 is required
  • MS Windows XP Tablet PC Edition is
  • required for certain hands-free featuresMS Exchange Server 2000, MS Office SharePoint Server 2007, or MS Windows Server 2003 SP1 with MS Windows SharePoint Services is required for certain advanced features.

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Properties: "Microsoft Outlook 2007"
Office Applications:
Operating System:
Windows 7
Windows 8.1
Windows 10
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