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Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016 Standard

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016 Standard

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Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016 is a platform for optimal document management and team... more

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sharepoint2016Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016 is a platform for optimal document management and team collaboration

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016 provides a user-friendly interface that remains consistent across devices, making it easy to access and navigate websites from mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones.

Licensing for SharePoint Server is based on the server/CAL model.


SharePoint Server 2016 features and application capabilities

SharePoint Server 2016 is software that provides various features for organizing and managing content. These include the ability to sort web pages by specific content and create libraries of documents, images, or databases of knowledge and information. SharePoint Server 2016 also offers task lists and calendars for employees, as well as discussion forums for meetings. The software can also provide template catalogs for external tasks, such as templates for press releases or news. SharePoint Server 2016 also has a search function that helps employees find specific data and data types. All of the above features can be used in any web browsers, such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. The specific use of SharePoint Server 2016 in the enterprise depends on individual requirements.

SharePoint Server 2016 allows web designers to customize the design of web pages so that the connection to SharePoint is not noticed by users. It is also possible to create content collections customized to the corporate identity of the company. This is useful when providing predefined elements for clients and other invitees. Colors, shapes, fonts and other aspects can be easily customized by experienced web designers and adapted to the individual needs of the company.

Software features at a glance


  •     Access Services

  •     Project Server

  •     shared access to contacts, files & applications independent of place & time working in a team

  •     internal network used for groups, discussions and blogs

  •     Information Rights Management

  •     MinRole

  •     Open Document format

  •     modern collaboration platform

  •     Access licenses necessary


Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016 buy cheap online and download directly

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016 Standard offers many benefits for businesses and organizations, including:

Enhanced collaboration
SharePoint enables employees to collaborate on documents and share information even if they are not in the same office or even the same country.
Easy content management
SharePoint provides tools for managing documents, images and other content, including the ability to track and compare versions of documents.
Personalized websites
SharePoint enables users to create personalized websites tailored to their individual needs.
Business application integration
SharePoint can be easily integrated with other business applications to enable better collaboration and efficiency.
Enhanced search
SharePoint provides powerful search that enables users to quickly find the information they need.
Robust security
SharePoint provides comprehensive security features to protect the organization's data and content.



Difference between Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016 Standard and Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Standard


SharePoint Server 2016 Standard and SharePoint Server 2013 Standard are both versions of Microsoft SharePoint Server, a collaboration and document management platform used by enterprises. However, there are some differences between the two versions.

One key difference is that SharePoint Server 2016 Standard offers more comprehensive collaboration and document management features than SharePoint Server 2013 Standard. New features in SharePoint Server 2016 Standard include:


  •     A new user interface that makes it easier for users to quickly access the information they need
  •     Improved search capabilities that make it easier for users to find exactly what they are looking for
  •     Support for hybrid scenarios that enable organizations to better integrate their on-premises and cloud environments
  •     Support for managing Big Data applications through Hadoop integration


There are also some other minor differences between the two versions, such as support for specific operating systems and databases. Therefore, when choosing either version, make sure it has the features and requirements that are important to your business.


SharePoint Server 2016 licensing model

There are three tiers of the Server/CAL licensing model to consider when deploying Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016.

SharePint Server License Model2

1. SharePoint Server License

A separate server license is required for each running instance of SharePoint Server. SharePoint Server software can be used in a physical or virtual environment and is considered running once it is loaded and running in memory.

2. Access License - Client Access License (CAL)

Access to the SharePoint Server software is governed by CALs, which can be assigned to either a device or user. These CALs are version specific and must be at least the same version as the SharePoint Server software being used or a newer version. For example, an Exchange Server CAL 2016 entitles access to an Exchange Server 2013 or 2016, but an Exchange Server CAL 2013 does not entitle access to an Exchange Server 2016. Access to content that is publicly available on the Internet does not require a CAL.


Device CAL:
licenses a device for access to
instances of SharePoint
Server software by any number of users
SharePoint server_device_license
 User CAL:
a specific user can access and use
the server software
through a
any number of devices
(e.g., PC and smartphone).
 SharePoint Server_User License


3. Licensing of SharePoint Server 2016 Edition

SharePoint Server 2016 offers two editions - Standard and Enterprise - designed to meet different needs and requirements. CALs are required to access the SharePoint Server software. These CALs can be assigned to either a device or a user, and must be at least the same version as the SharePoint Server version in use or higher. Access to publicly available content, data, information, or applications over the Internet does not require a CAL. SharePoint Server CALs can be purchased individually or as part of a CAL Suite that can be licensed either per device or per user. The Core CAL Suite includes, among other things, a SharePoint Server Standard CAL and a Windows Server CAL, while the Enterprise CAL Suite includes all the components of the Core CAL Suite plus an additional SharePoint Server Enterprise CAL.

Minimum requirements for SharePoint Server

One of the following server operating systems:

  •     Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard or Datacenter
  •     Windows Server 2016 Standard or Datacenter
  •     Windows Server 2019 Standard or Datacenter


System requirements

Installation scenario Deployment type and scaling RAM Processor Disk space
Single server role using SQL Server Development or evaluation installation of SharePoint Server 2016 with the minimum recommended services for development environments. Use the single-server farm role, which allows you to select which service applications to deploy. For more information about single-server farm role, see Overview of MinRole server roles in SharePoint Server 2016 16 GB 64-bit, 4 processor cores 80 GB for the system drive
100 GB for a second drive
Single server role using SQL Server Pilot installation or test installation for user acceptance of SharePoint Server 2016, for which all available services for the development environment are installed. 24 GB 64-bit, 4 processor cores 80 GB for the system drive
100 GB for a second and additional drives
SharePoint server in a farm with multiple servers Development or evaluation installation of SharePoint Server 2016 with the minimum recommended services. 12 GB 64-bit, 4 processor cores 80 GB for the system drive
80 GB for a second drive
SharePoint server in a farm with multiple servers Pilot deployment, user acceptance test deployment, or production deployment of SharePoint Server 2016 running all available services. 16 GB 64-bit, 4 processor cores 80 GB for the system drive
80 GB for a second and additional drives
What is SharePoint in a summary
Organizations use Microsoft SharePoint to create websites. You can use SharePoint as a secure place to store, structure, share, and retrieve information from virtually any device.
What are the SharePoint versions?
SharePoint Server is available in two editions: Standard and Enterprise. Foundation as the third, free edition has been discontinued, but is still available in the 2013 version.
What are the benefits of SharePoint?
The biggest advantage of SharePoint is that it enables effective real-time collaboration across the enterprise. Multiple users can work on the same document simultaneously from anywhere in the world, instead of sharing different versions of documents.
What feature enhancements have you made for IT professionals in SharePoint Server 2016?
SharePoint 2016 is the first version of an on-premises server designed with cloud-inspired infrastructure that improves both performance and scalability. Based on our experience with SharePoint Online and Office 365, SharePoint Server 2016 offers more flexible and simplified deployment options. You can choose between a fully on-premises deployment or a new, simplified hybrid approach that brings together on-premises and Office 365 capabilities without changing the user experience.
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