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MOHO PRO 14: A revolution in animation The world of animation has evolved tremendously in... more

Product information "MOHO PRO 14"

MOHO PRO 14: A revolution in animation

The world of animation has evolved tremendously in recent years, and much of this change is due to innovative software like Lost Marble's MOHO PRO 14. This powerful animation software has revolutionized the way artists and animators work, offering a wealth of features that make it possible to create stunning animations.

What is MOHO PRO 14?

MOHO PRO 14, produced by Lost Marble, is a professional animation software that is suitable for both beginners and experienced animators. With this software, you can create 2D animations that look vibrant and impressive. It offers a wide range of tools and features to help you bring your creative ideas to life.

Advantages of MOHO PRO 14

  • User-friendly interface: MOHO PRO 14 offers an intuitively designed user interface that makes it easy even for beginners to find their way around the software.
  • Powerful animation tools: This software includes a variety of tools that allow you to control your animations in detail, from movements to facial expressions.
  • 3D integration: MOHO PRO 14 allows you to integrate 3D models into your 2D animations, opening up even more creative possibilities.
  • Versatility: Whether you want to create cartoons, commercials, music videos or interactive animations, MOHO PRO 14 is the right choice for you.
  • Export options: MOHO PRO 14 allows you to export your animations in different formats to share them on different platforms.

Amazing features of MOHO PRO 14

MOHO PRO 14 offers an impressive range of features that make it a top-notch animation software. Let's take a closer look at some of the standout features:

1. Frame-by-Frame Animation

MOHO PRO 14 allows you to create frame-by-frame animations that offer an incredible level of control over your animations. This method makes it possible to create every movement and every scene exactly as you envision it.

2. Smart Warp

Smart Warp is a revolutionary feature that allows you to distort and animate your characters and objects. For example, you can warp a character's face to make them laugh or cry while maintaining amazing fluidity and naturalness.

3. 3D integration

One of the most exciting innovations in MOHO PRO 14 is the seamless integration of 3D models into your 2D animations. This feature opens up completely new possibilities for designing backgrounds, characters and effects, adding impressive depth to your projects.

4. Improved brush tools

The brush tools in MOHO PRO 14 have been improved for better performance and control. You can now create more realistic strokes and textures to make your animations even more impressive.

5. Camera features

MOHO PRO 14 has powerful camera features that allow you to move your animations in 3D spaces and add various camera effects such as zoom, pan and focus. This gives your projects a professional touch.

Innovation and creativity

What really sets MOHO PRO 14 apart from other animation software is its commitment to innovation and creativity. This software is designed to give artists and animators the tools they need to bring their creative visions to life.

The integration of 3D elements into 2D animation is a breakthrough that allows animators to create realistic backgrounds and characters that fit seamlessly into their projects. This opens up completely new possibilities for the creation of stories and scenarios.

In addition, the Smart Warp feature ensures that animating facial expressions and movements is easier than ever before. This innovative technology gives animators the freedom to make characters more vivid and expressive than ever before.


Comparison table between MOHO PRO 14 and MOHO DEBUT 14

The most powerful 2D rigging system on the market, easy to use and with features such as Smart Bones, Vitruvian Bones, FK & IK, advanced constraints, Shy Bones and much more. Powerful and user-friendly rigging system
Integration of Photoshop PSD files for effortless importing, rigging and animating of bitmap characters and backgrounds. Content library of characters, props and backgrounds. Use them in your own animation or study how they were created to enhance your own art!
Create custom meshes to animate vectors and images. Simulate 3D rotations, animate gestures, bend and manipulate your images at will. It's like having the power of a 3D character, but with the simplicity of 2D! Powerful vector drawing tools: Apply brushes to your vector graphics for a more natural look.
Automate your animation with a powerful collection of physics features, including particles, gravity, dynamics and wind! Create stunning characters and bring your backgrounds to life. Integration of Photoshop PSD files (up to 10 layers)
Advanced and user-friendly timeline with graph mode and many editable interpolations to achieve the exact movement you want. A complete rigging system to effortlessly create powerful and easy to animate 2D puppets. Timeline, audio recording & sound effects
Liquid Shapes lets you combine, subtract, cut, merge and animate shapes in unique ways. Follow path tool, video & motion tracking, finishing for web, TV, film & stills.
GPU acceleration, export to Full HD, separate render process for 3D camera, depth of field, depth shift and many more features to effortlessly create multi-level scenes. Edit multiple layers simultaneously.
FBX support for Unity™ Moho Debut 14 now includes limited versions of PRO features such as Meshes, Curvers and Smart Bones.


Buy MOHO PRO 14 and redefine animation

If you're ready to take your animations to the next level and benefit from the impressive features and innovations of MOHO PRO 14, don't hesitate to buy it now. You'll find that this software will not only meet your expectations, it will exceed them.

Whether you are an experienced animator or an aspiring artist, MOHO PRO 14 provides you with the tools you need to turn your ideas into reality. The combination of powerful features and innovative technologies makes it a must-have software in the world of animation.

Don't wait any longer. Immerse yourself in the exciting world of animation with MOHO PRO 14 and let your creativity flow without limits.


System requirements

Windows Mac
10, 11 macOS® X 10.15 or higher
64-bit OS required 64-bit OS required
2.0 GHz Intel Core i3 or higher 2.0 GHz Intel Core i3 or higher
4 GB RAM or higher 4 GB RAM or higher
1.6 GB free hard disk space or higher 1.6 GB free hard disk space or higher
OpenGL 4.1 supported graphics card required (1920x1080 recommended)** OpenGL 4.1 supported graphics card required (1920x1080 recommended) **
Online connection required to perform online activation Online connection required to perform online activation
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