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Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal Individual 15

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Speech recognition is one of the most important areas when it comes to efficient and digital... more

Product information "Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal Individual 15"

Speech recognition is one of the most important areas when it comes to efficient and digital transcription of documents. With Nuance Dragon Legal Individual 15, you have it in your hands to benefit from a constantly learning application and significantly expand the recognition of important content. The context-driven applications enable you to quickly and automatically transcribe new documents as you need them by voice.

The most modern speech recognition for your everyday work

For your daily work, it is of enormous importance to be able to enter short notes as well as full-fledged documents using your own speech. With this in mind, the advanced dictation feature is at the heart of Nuance Dragon Legal Individual 15, enabling you to work with a wide range of file formats and make the right decisions. The simple setup also takes the pressure off you and ensures that nothing gets in the way of smooth operation of the speech recognition system. Nuance Dragon Legal Individual 15 also works well in conjunction with online research and transcriptions from the browser. Without the need for a mouse and keyboard, it enables you to summarize important facts and create business documents. Precise and accurate dictation directly from your PC makes it much easier to communicate clearly and understandably and avoid annoying typos in your document from the start.

Intelligent, modern and highly adaptive

One of the handy features around Nuance Dragon Legal Individual 15 is Deep Learning technology. It allows for additional customization of dictation based on your voice coloration, making it easy to accommodate even dialects and other pronunciations. In this way, the software adapts as quickly as possible based on your individual requirements, allowing you to speed up dictation. All necessary settings can be viewed at will. This convenient application will therefore become an important part of your company's document management system, enabling you to use the software without advanced knowledge. All functions are clear after the first use, eliminating long training periods. In this way, Nuance Dragon Legal Individual 15 becomes an excellent addition to help small and large businesses streamline their speech input.

These are the areas where Nuance Dragon Legal Individual 15 is critical

Many businesses deal with a lot of similar business documents and text, but until now have not taken advantage of the voice input features. Nuance Dragon Legal Individual 15 can therefore be used to optimise numerous processes in day-to-day operations, even though in most cases the potential has not yet been exploited. The software is therefore suitable for the following industries:

  • Law firms and tax offices
  • Agencies and mediators
  • Management consultants and administrators
  • Doctors and nursing homes
  • Production management and accounting

The quick and easy integration of important phrases makes Nuance Dragon Legal Individual 15 a good choice for increasing efficiency. All functions of the interface can be extensively personalised and tailored to your needs at this point. Thanks to the high level of recognition accuracy provided as part of optional additional training, you can immediately adapt Nuance Dragon Legal Individual 15 to your language type and increase its effectiveness.

99% accuracy for reliable transcriptions

Even without the additional language training, however, you benefit from 99% accuracy, with even technical terms and foreign words being transcribed with ease. With Nuance Dragon Legal Individual 15 software, the quality you need is paramount to getting the many office tasks done much faster. You don't have to speak slowly and sluggishly as with other dictation systems, but can interact at a normal pace. Immediately after transcription, the final result is available for you to review. This allows you to quickly correct possible errors, which the tool naturally remembers. This gives you the power to improve the performance of Nuance Dragon Legal Individual 15 software with each application and to specialise the application based on your industry. So good ideas and important approaches no longer fall by the wayside in the future.

More comfort with the right hardware

In principle, the classic microphones on the PC or laptop are sufficient to use the software. However, for an even clearer voice image, solutions such as the Nuance Headset are also suitable. The headset adapts in the best possible way to the Nuance Dragon Legal Individual 15 program and simplifies the execution of precise speech input. Over time, this lets you benefit from much easier coordination to no longer have to bend directly to the particular speech inlets of your device. For use with Nuance Dragon Legal Individual 15 software, the Bluetooth wireless headset is therefore an excellent choice.

Save time and improve efficiency with every new creation

Nuance Wireless Headset's many convenient features make it easy to recreate important documents and save a tremendous amount of time. In conjunction with your voice input, the structure of the texts can also be changed, making tables, lists, underlining or colouring, for example, no problem. Additional abbreviations, numbers, signatures, logos, images or links can also be easily integrated around the appropriate shortcuts. In this way, Nuance Dragon Legal Individual 15 ensures the necessary simplicity at any location. Not only directly in the office, but also from home or even from the train you can use the simple dictation function. This ensures that you will never miss an important thought in the future. For the smaller notes in between, you are perfectly positioned with the cloud-based app and can work flexibly with your smartphone.

Benefit now from the most modern speech recognition

If you are in need of such a modern software solution yourself, you can buy the Nuance Dragon Legal Individual 15 application directly from us. The comprehensive license also provides you with the necessary access to the app to be able to work securely and efficiently at any location. Even at normal speed, the system transfers every single word to the screen and ensures smooth transcription. Based on this, Nuance Dragon Legal Individual 15 always makes it easy for you to create important documents through active voice input.

Important questions

Is there an app to complement the Nuance Dragon Legal Individual 15 software?

In addition to the convenient software, Nuance Dragon Legal Individual 15 also comes with an easy-to-use app. With this, you are also well positioned on other devices and can, for example, dictate directly while driving to work with your smartphone.

Can I edit recorded content with Nuance Dragon Legal Individual 15?

Of course, with Nuance Dragon Legal Individual 15 you have the option of editing recorded content as you wish. This allows you to quickly fix any errors manually and save them for the next time you use them. This ensures that the same error does not occur again.

Does Nuance Dragon Legal Individual 15 work with additional speech training?

In principle, you have the option to improve the effectiveness of the transcription with the help of additional language training. However, even without the add-on, Nuance Dragon Legal Individual 15 is 99% accurate and recognizes many languages in their respective dialects.

Who is this Nuance Dragon Legal Individual 15 license for?

Especially companies that want to work with the voice control on a regular basis, the permanent license of Nuance Dragon Legal Individual 15 is a good choice. This can be small businesses as well as large law firms, offices, administrations or companies.



Product description Dragon Legal Individual (v. 15) - License - 1 User
Product Type License
Category Office applications - speech recognition
Version 15
Number of licenses 1 user
License details ESD
Platform Windows
Language English, German
Delivery media Download

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