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Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Enterprise, 2 Core

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Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Enterprise 2 Core Edition continues the success story of... more
Product information "Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Enterprise, 2 Core"

Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Enterprise 2 Core Edition continues the success story of Microsoft's proprietary SQL Server software. The premium offering, SQL Server 2017 Enterprise Edition, delivers comprehensive, high-quality data center functionality with lightning-fast performance, unlimited virtualization, and end-to-end business intelligence - delivering high levels of service for mission-critical workloads and end-user access to data insight.

This variant of SQL Server is aimed at customers who want to license their SQL Server by processor cores. All cores of the server's processors must be licensed, with a minimum of four cores per physical processor. In this case no further access licenses (CAL's) are required.

Licensing by CPU cores: 2 CPU cores = 1 license, 4 CPU cores = 2 licenses

Per Core Licensing (Physical Instance
)All cores of the server's processors must be licensed, with a minimum of four (4) cores per physical processor

Per core licensing (virtual instance)
Under the core licensing model, all virtual cores in each virtual machine (VM) must be licensed, and in any case, at least four core licenses per virtual machine (VM).

If you are interested, we will be happy to advise you on this or to prepare an individual offer, please contact us!

Species Full version
Licensing by processors/core
Language German, English/ all languages available
Field of application Microsoft SQL Server

What new features does Microsoft SQL Server 2017 bring with it?

The 2017 edition comes with many new enhancements, optimized performance, Linux compatibility and other database module features. In the Standard Edition, the software is particularly suitable for use in medium-sized scenarios. Decisive functions are, for example, the free choice of platform and programming language, both of which can also be managed via the cloud. Scalability, performance and availability have also been improved, and Microsoft itself states that SQL Server studies show that SQL Server is the least vulnerable database. The mobile interfaces have of course also been optimized. In just a few steps, raw data can now be graphically and structurally enhanced so that it can be displayed in a suitable form both on the tablet and on a smartphone. Other special new features include automatic tuning, Resumable Online Index Rebuilds and a dedicated graph database for better visualization.

SQL Server technologies:

database module:

The database module is the core service for storing, processing and backing up data. The database module provides controlled access and fast transaction processing. So you can also meet high requirements of data processing applications in your company.

The database module also provides a wide range of support for maintaining high availability.


Microsoft R Services offers several ways to integrate the popular R language into enterprise workflows. R Services (In-Database) integrates the R language with SQL Server, so you can easily create, retrain and evaluate models by calling stored Transact-SQL procedures. Microsoft R Server provides scalable support for R in the enterprise on multiple platforms and supports data sources such as Hadoop and Teradata.

Data Quality Services:

SQL Server Data Quality Services (DQS) provides a knowledge-driven data cleansing solution. DQS allows you to create a knowledge base and then use that knowledge base to perform data correction and deduplication for your data using computer-aided and interactive means. You can use cloud-based reference data services and create a data management solution that integrates DQS with SQL Server Integration Services and Master Data Services.

Integration Services:

Integration Services is a design platform for high-performance data integration solutions, including data warehouse packages for extracting, transforming and loading (ETL) data.

Master Data Services:

Master Data Services is the SQL Server solution for master data management. A solution built on Master Data Services ensures that reporting and analysis are based on the right information. With Master Data Services, you create a central repository for master data and manage a monitorable and secure record of that data as it changes over time.

Analysis Services:

Analysis Services is a platform for analytical data and a business intelligence toolset for individuals, teams and companies. Server and client designers support traditional OLAP solutions, new table modeling solutions, and self-service capabilities for analysis and collaboration with Power Pivot, Excel, and a SharePoint Server environment. Analysis Services also includes data mining to help you identify the patterns and relationships hidden in large volumes of data.


Replication is a set of technologies for copying and distributing data and database objects from one database to another and then synchronizing the databases to ensure data consistency. With replication, you can distribute data to multiple locations, remote or mobile users over local and wide area networks (WANs), dial-up connections, wireless connections, or the Internet.

Reporting Services:

Reporting Services provides Web-based reporting functionality for enterprises, so you can create reports that draw content from a variety of data sources, publish reports in a variety of formats, and centrally manage subscriptions and security.

Scope of delivery:

- Product key for the use of Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Enterprise, 2 Core
- Multilanguage, 64-bit
- Verified Highspeed Downloadlink to get the software fast & secure.
- Invoice in your name incl. VAT.
- Instructions for easy installation.

Note: This offer does not include a product key sticker (COA label) This offer is aimed at private individuals as well as companies, business customers, authorities, organisations, schools, communities and churches.

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How do our prices come about ?

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