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Nuance Power PDF 3.1 Standard
Nuance Power PDF 3.1 Standard
Nuance Power PDF 3.1 Standard Convert, edit, comment and distribute documents - easily and securely, from and to any application Easy editing directly in PDF format PDF creation from any PC application Convert PDF files to your favorite...
£75.64 *
Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking 13 günstig kaufen
Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 Premium, 1...
Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 Premium The latest version of Nuance's speech recognition software, Dragon Naturally Speaking 13, has new features that allow the popular software to convert spoken language into text even faster and...
£115.69 *
Nuance Dragon Home 15 Full Version
Nuance Dragon Home 15 Full Version
Nuance Dragon Home 15 Full Version Dragon Home 15 provides the fastest and most accurate way to turn speech into text and operate computers, touch-enabled PCs and tablets by voice. Developed with Nuance Deep Learning technology, Dragon...
£124.59 *
£17.80 saved
Nuance Power PDF günstig kaufen
Nuance Power PDF Advanced 1.2 Full Version
Nuance Power PDF Advanced the extensive range of functions for efficient collaboration enables secure distribution of PDF files to colleagues and customers. Power PDF is easy to install and customize to your needs. With Power PDF...
£26.69 * £44.49 *
£293.70 saved
Nuance Dragon Professional Individual v15 Full Version
Nuance Dragon Professional Individual v15 Full...
Nuance Dragon ProfessionalIndividual v15 Full Version Dragon gives you contextualized instructions based on how you use the software. You'll get the most out of Dragon and work more efficiently than ever before. Dragon makes it easy to...
From £284.79 * £578.49 *
Nuance Power PDF 3.1 Advanced
Nuance Power PDF 3.1 Advanced
Nuance Power PDF 3.1 Advanced If you're looking for an effective tool to convert, edit and share PDF files, Nuance Power PDF 3.1 Advanced is the right choice. The program impresses with a wealth of functions and makes it possible to...
£124.59 *
Nuance PaperPort Professional 14
Nuance PaperPort Professional 14
PaperPort Professional 14 for Windows is a productive and affordable way to scan paper documents, create PDF files and keep your documents organized throughout your office. Millions of users in offices, law firms, insurance companies and...
£93.44 *
£21.37 saved
Nuance Wireless Headset Dragon-Bluetooth Headset
Nuance Wireless Headset Dragon-Bluetooth Headset
Nuance Wireless Headset Dragon-Bluetooth Headset Dictate wirelessly on your computer with maximum performance and quality Meets the highest standards of nuance in quality and performance - optimised for maximum accuracy Headset and...
£173.54 * £194.91 *
£123.72 saved
Nuance Dragon Professional Individual 15 full version incl. wireless headset
Nuance Dragon Professional Individual 15 full...
Nuance Dragon ProfessionalIndividual 15 full version 2 Devices1 user incl. wireless headset Dragon gives you contextualized instructions based on how you use the software. You'll get the most out of Dragon and work more efficiently than...
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£587.39 * £711.11 *
Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 Home, 1 user, 1 device, DE, EN, FR
Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 Home, 1...
The fast and accurate way to work on your PC Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 Home speech recognition software lets you work faster, more accurately and do more with your computer - simply by speaking. It provides an easy and fun way to turn...
£71.19 *
£444.12 saved
Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal Individual 15 Download English
Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal...
Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal Individual 15 Download English Improvements over the predecessor Faster and more accurate than ever: State-of-the-art speech recognition engine with deep learning technology Improvements in...
From £711.99 * £1,156.11 *
Nuance Omnipage günstig kaufen
Nuance Omnipage 19 Ultimate Multilanguage Full...
Nuance Omnipage 19 Ultimate ideal for converting and archiving important documents. Capture text with your digital camera or iPhone® and turn it into text on your PC. Support of many output formats: PDF, HTML, Corel® etc. OmniPage...
£146.84 *
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Products from Nuance Comm

Nuance Comm

Nuance Communications

Today, we already use speech to control many applications in everyday life. Nuance Dragon offers high-quality and efficient speech recognition software of the latest generation. The intelligent Dragon software increases your productivity immediately after installation, because speech is converted into text in a targeted and continuous manner. This process is three times faster than normal text input.

Professional work made easier

Within a very short period of time, the software allows both private and professional users in sales with customer interaction, in science, health care or in the legal and banking sector to be so powerful that speech recognition makes the daily routine of text input obsolete.
Applicable for:

  • Reports
  • E-mail traffic
  • Presentations
  • Worksheets
  • Forms and graphics

Speech recognition is faster and more accurate than traditional programs and uses deep learning and adaptation algorithms during dictation to adapt to the user's voice. Spoken accent is also recognized. Background noise from the environment is suppressed. This results in noticeable productivity.

Advantages for technical terminology and sales activities

In particular, Nuance Dragon Professional individual 15 captures specialist terminology, such as legal or healthcare terminology, as quickly as normal office speech. Dragon recognises differentiated spoken telephone numbers, dates or quantities. Email addresses can be spoken naturally. This is useful in sales with multiple, direct customer interaction.

Continuous texts can be formatted, inserted and edited continuously using your own voice commands. Formatting such as underlining, bold and capitalization can be done faster by selecting the text by voice than by keyboard input.

Cloud-based App Dragon Anywhere makes you independent of location

The Dragon Anywhere app is available for when you're on the move. More complex tasks or business transactions can be completed automatically with voice macros, such as a voice command "Standard report to sales management" or an e-mail to the internal distribution list and for your own documentation. Seamless working with speech recognition brings noticeable relief and frees you from unnecessary routine tasks. All this is possible with the separate mobile app 'Dragon Anywhere'.

The software works synchronously with common MS software as well as with the well-known e-mail programs and various browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome.

Nuance Omnipage 19 Ultimate

To increase productivity in the office, Nuance offers 'OmniPage', a highly intelligent software solution. If texts are only available as documents or as printed templates, it converts these templates into text files. From any scanned document, Nuance OmniPage 19 Ultimate creates a digital document that can be edited in a word processing program such as Microsoft Word.

Files that are already available as formatted PDF can be converted into editable text. OmniPage' simplifies the management of documents so that you always have a clear overview.

Nuance Paperport (now Kofax)

Nuance sold its Document Imaging Division to Kofax in February 2019. As a result, the new Kofax licenses will always be delivered with the following programs.

Nuance PaperPort provides a software solution for streamlined document management. Again, the advantage of the software is the digitalisation of business processes and the increase of efficiency in the company or home office.

With Nuance, now Kofax PaperPort, an easy to integrate and intuitive solution, documents can be scanned, searched, managed and shared. Kofax PaperPort allows users to edit documents according to their own ideas, e.g. thumbnails, page previews, rearrange pages and create new PDF documents from them. Printed pages are converted into editable text and are available for further use.

The strength of the software is its very simple user interface. Scanned documents are immediately visible in the workspace and can be further processed, encrypted and managed with access rights. This guarantees high document security.

Nuance PowerPDF

This software easily creates Microsoft Office style PDF documents and is a good alternative to comparable programs. Nuance PowerPDF is characterised by its ease of use and extensive functions.

In the workflow, the added value is demonstrated by many automated processes. Optical character recognition (OCR) guarantees the faithful reproduction of tables and graphics. PDF files can be automatically searched, compared, generated and stored in selected folders. An automatic blackening of confidential information is integrated. This makes Nuance a real alternative at low cost for licenses and IT support.

Kofax PowerPDF

Kofax PowerPDF is the successor to Nuance and enhances its functionality with increased productivity on mobile devices, such as field service activities, to improve seamless collaboration regardless of device or platform type. It supports touchscreens and enables easy editing of text in PDF files.