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AVG Driver Updater

AVG Driver Updater

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AVG Driver Updater automatically checks over 8 million drivers to ensure : Fewer crashes A... more

Product information "AVG Driver Updater"

AVG Driver Updater automatically checks over 8 million drivers to ensure :

  • Fewer crashes
  • A faster browsing experience
  • Better graphics
  • A richer sound
  • Fewer problems with devices

Fewer system crashes thanks to AVG Driver Updater

Don't let a computer crash ruin your day anymore.

We analyze all your drivers and recommend the right ones to reduce the following:

  • Computer freezes
  • Crashes and errors
  • Printer problems
  • Problems with the connection
  • Shaky movements of the mouse

Speed up browsing and downloads

Make sure your computer can keep up with you.

  • Helps resolve wireless connection interruptions.
  • Helps resolve issues with slow connections.
  • Ensures faster browsing, streaming, and downloading speeds.
  • Adds new features to improve performance.



AVG Driver Updater speeds up the gaming experience and ensures smooth video playback.

Discover new standards in gaming and video streaming.
We search for the latest graphics drivers in real time to give you a smoother gaming, streaming and video editing experience.


A whole new design and engine.

Our redesigned user interface lets you install drivers in just a few clicks. Our updated driver engine automatically searches for and installs new driver versions, so your drivers are always up to date. Plus, you'll never have to worry about hardware conflicts again because your drivers will install completely smoothly and individually.


Enjoy richer sound without noise.

Solve sound problems effortlessly.
We regularly update your sound drivers and programs to improve audio quality, whether you're listening to music or talking to your family.



Solve driver problems quickly and easily.

Use the troubleshooting tool to diagnose and fix driver issues that affect your device's accessories and performance.
In the rare case that a driver has a problem, the Troubleshooter :

  • identify the specific driver that is causing the problem.
  • Guide you step-by-step to restore the previous working version of that driver.
  • simplify the operation of your device and its accessories.


AVG Driver Updater searches for drivers with just one click

Outdated or corrupt drivers are found and updated from one central screen to reduce the number of problems and conflicts with printers, scanners, cameras, graphics cards, speakers, mice, keyboards, monitors, Wi-Fi connections and external devices.


Powerful features of AVG Driver Updater

Fix bugs and get the latest features - all from one central screen.

  • Automatic scanning
    Automatically scans your entire computer for outdated, missing or corrupt drivers.
  • Scans over 8 million drivers.
    Checks over 8 million hardware drivers and software updates.
  • Always up to date
    Our dynamic online driver database performs real-time analysis so you always get the latest drivers.
  • Installs only secure and previously verified drivers.
    Searches for official drivers for over 1300 leading brands.
  • Selects the optimal drivers for you.
    Creates a unique profile of your PC so you get the right drivers.
  • Creates a backup copy of your drivers.
    Creates snapshots of the drivers on your PC so you can restore to the old state in case of unwanted changes.
  • Fewer hardware problems
    Installs drivers one at a time to reduce hardware problems.


System requirements

  • Windows 10, except Mobile and IoT Core editions (32 or 64 bit); Windows 8/8.1, except RT and Starter editions (32 or 64 bit); Windows 7 SP1 or later, all editions (32 or 64 bit).
  • A fully Windows-compatible PC with an Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon 64 processor or higher (support for SSE3 commands required).
  • 1 GB of RAM or more.
  • 1 GB of free disk space.
  • Internet connection is required to download and install the program.
  • Optimal standard screen resolution of at least 1024 x 768 pixels is recommended.
  • Compatible with Windows 10


English, German, Español, Français, 日本語, Čeština, Dansk, Italiano, Nederlands, Português, Norsk, Swedish, Русский

What are the advantages of using a driver updater?
Drivers are small but important software components that keep your PC running. Updating drivers is the best way to improve your PC's performance and avoid many of the typical performance problems. Outdated drivers can slow down your PC and cause crashes, frozen screens, and other problems. Updated drivers can increase frame rates when gaming and improve audio and picture quality. Outdated drivers can be a gateway for malware, zero-day attacks, and other computer attacks. AVG Driver Updater automatically scans your PC to identify outdated and broken drivers, and then updates them to the latest version. This way, our program gets the best performance out of your PC.
What features are included in AVG Driver Updater?
AVG Driver Updater is an automatic driver updater that scans your PC for outdated and broken drivers and then updates them to make sure you always have the latest drivers installed. Thanks to its large driver database of over 1,300 hardware manufacturers, Driver Updater finds available updates and installs them for all sorts of hardware components on your PC. And since Updater comes from one of the most well-known and trusted names in the cybersecurity world, you can trust that AVG Driver Updater is safe and reliable.
What makes AVG Driver Updater a safe application?
By automatically obtaining driver updates and verifying them before installation, AVG Driver Updater guarantees that you get only the official and latest drivers for your hardware. If you update your drivers manually, you won't get this authenticity check. AVG Driver Updater takes the guesswork out of updating your audio drivers or fixing your graphics drivers, and even provides a rollback feature in case a new driver causes more problems than the old one.
How can I tell that my drivers are not up to date?
Avast Driver Updater automatically scans your entire computer for outdated drivers. If you have not yet installed our program, here is information on how to find and update outdated drivers. Type "Device Manager" in the Windows search box and select Device Manager from the search results. In the Device Manager window, open the drop-down menu next to a device category, such as Audio Inputs and Outputs. Right-click one of the devices and select Properties. In the window that opens, click the Driver tab and then click Update Driver. Follow the instructions of the update wizard.
How and when do I get my purchased product?
Digital products, product keys and access to the download centre will be made available to you by e-mail immediately after your purchase.
What payment options are available to me?
PayPal, Amazon Pay, Instant bank transfer, Credit card, Apple Pay, Prepayment, Purchase on invoice
What guarantees do I have at Blitzhandel24?
Blitzhandel24 is an EHI, TrustedShops and CHIP certified online brand shop. Blitzhandel24 also offers its customers permanent support, as well as support for the purchased product. If a product has not been used / redeemed, our customers can benefit from the money-back guarantee.
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What Factors Influence Our Pricing?

Our pricing is based on a variety of factors that encompass a combination of proven strategies in the software trade:

  • Procurement Strategies
    Through bulk purchasing, our 14 years of market experience on the international stage, and expertise in software trading, we achieve cost savings and efficient procurement methods.
  • Elimination of Delivery and Storage Fees
    Efficient digital inventory management minimizes storage and logistics costs.
  • Supplier Relationship Management
    Direct imports and long-standing relationships with manufacturers and distributors allow us to forgo intermediary fees and provide exclusive special conditions.
  • Regional Pricing
    We adjust our prices according to region and currency to consider global market conditions.
  • Automation
    The use of modern technologies enables efficient management of orders and customer inquiries, reducing costs.
  • Cost Management in Marketing
    The main advertising strategy focuses on customer satisfaction and relies primarily on recommendations.
  • Low Profit Margin
    Our main focus at Blitzhandel24 is customer satisfaction and expanding our customer base, allowing us to maintain a slim profit margin.


Security and Quality: Our Promise to You

Quality Comes First

Despite our price competitiveness, the quality of our products remains at the highest level.

We guarantee our customers top-quality at the best price. All products at Blitzhandel24 are tested and verified.
Safety and Trust

Your safety is important to us. Therefore, we offer you protection of up to €20,000 through Trusted Shops.

Our online shop is legally protected by the EHI seal, allowing you to shop with confidence.


If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you!

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