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Corel Painter 2020
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Corel Painter 2020 Windows, Mac Digital art and painting program NEW Brush... more

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Corel Painter 2020 Windows, Mac

Digital art and painting program

  • NEW Brush Accelerator™ - up to 20 times faster!
  • NEW User interface improvements
  • NEWImproved painting tool selection
  • NEW Color harmonies
  • NEW GPU-enhanced brush application

As painted: Custom painting software for true artists

Experience watercolor, oil painting, chalk drawing and many other popular painting styles on Mac and PC. Painter was developed by artists for artists and offers absolutely realistic painting feeling and goes far beyond thanks to countless combination possibilities. Our virtual art studio has been exceeding the creative expectations of illustrators, concept artists, painters, photo artists and manga artists for over 28 years. We are convinced that Painter® 2020 will make a passionate artist out of you too.

All natural - only better: rediscover traditional painting

Painter 2020 offers absolutely realistic media and unique digital painting tools. These react dynamically to the movements of the input pen and to the canvas textures, in this way extremely realistic brush strokes are created. Of course, you can mix and match all the painting tools and use as many colors as you like. Of course, you don't have to wait for a color to dry either. And last but not least, you don't have to clean your digital brushes.

Art from the photo - simply clicked: Digital photography in a new dimension

Transform a photo into a painted masterpiece with the intuitive tools in Painter. Use the SmartStroke™ technology in the Auto Paint feature to have Painter 2020 paint a photo. Alternatively, take your digital image as a base and clone it onto your digital canvas using the painting tool of your choice. Painter then magically uses the colors of the photo to create your painting. Whichever method you choose, the result will impress you.

The muse's kiss - at the click of a button: Hundreds of painting tools and endless possibilities

Rev up your creativity with over 900 painting tools! Paint with Painter's popular traditional media or experience Painter-specific painting tools like the Lace Stencils, Dynamic Speckles, Particles, and Pattern Drawers. Create extraordinary works of art. But that's not all - you can also import painting tools from other artists or create your own painting tools to evoke truly distinctive results.

Speedpainting - in a different way: full power for Painter and your computer

Painter keeps up with every brush stroke, saving you lots of time! - Brush Accelerator™ checks your system and automatically applies optimal GPU and CPU performance settings to make Painter respond lightning fast. In addition, this handy extension shows you which adjustment screw to turn in the system to make Painter work even faster.

Painter 2020: Art in perfection

Painting tools

NEW - Painting tools
You've never seen painting tools this fast. Try the Quick and Simple and Quick and Squiggly categories to evaluate Painter's performance improvements, and try the new Watercolor and Digital Watercolor category variations.

Artists' Favorites
These painting tool variants are so popular that we created a special category for them. Sargent is a timeless and expressive favorite.

Blending Brushes
This category showcases the Painter's excellent blending features. "Wet smudge," for example, is a prized painting tool for finishing touches.

Lace Stencils
Imagine a painting tool where individual areas are cut out so that the selected medium (including papers, color applications, and textures) is brought to the fore.

Natural media library
We've narrowed down popular, traditional painting tools to an easy-to-access painting tool library to save you experimentation time.

Based on principles of physics, these painting tools exhibit springy, flowing, glowing, or gravitating behavior and offer endless creative possibilities.

Pattern Drawer
These unique painting tools create visionary strokes with great and unique patterns.

Thick Paint
Paint with groundbreaking, impasto media that can be layered and spread, scored, and blended in a completely realistic way.

Texture painting tools
Apply opaque or blending colors that pop off the canvas with impressive 2.5-D texture painting tools

Amazing number of painting tools!

Painting Tool Categories
Explore 36 painting tool categories and use enhanced painting tool tip and stroke previews. Quickly switch to the last used painting tool and benefit from more painting pixels thanks to a compact painting tool selection option.

More than 900 painting tools
Take advantage of the largest selection of digital art media on the market: from award-winning Natural-Media® to Painter-specific painting tools. Create your own painting tools, too. 

Painting tool settings
Tweak the painting tools to your liking. Customize the painting tool variations to suit your needs. Many different customization options are available: Size, Shape, Angle, Flow and much more.

Tools and media

Use several great tools and media to create a perfect image composition.

NEW - Color harmonies
Six new color harmonies can be saved as color tables. Painter-wide color selection enhancements also make it quick and easy to choose the color you want.

OPTIMIZED - Layer workflow
Context and main menu enhancements save you a lot of time, and unify, lock, select, and paste optimizations improve layer quality and responsiveness.

Golden ratio and layout grids
Use guides and grids based on classical principles to guide the viewer's eye through the image.

Mirror mode and kaleidoscope
Create a symmetrical painting with ease. Painter does this by copying painting strokes to the opposite side of the canvas or to multiple reflected mirror planes, like a mirror image.

Perspective guides
Display non-printing perspective guides to create objects that appear to move away or disappear from view.

Surface Texture
Finally, use visible paper textures, distinct 3D paint strokes, or directional lighting to add specific visual accents to your image.

Color applications
Color applications are structures that guide the flow of color. As a result, they allow you to make the most of the artistic possibilities of the Realistic Watercolor and Particle Painting tools.

Choose paper textures for the workspace from a library. You can customize the paper structures, import paper structures, or create your own paper structures. Using a variety of media types, you can either make the structures visible or hide them.

Work complex surface textures into your projects by selectively painting or filling individual areas of the canvas with them. Use texture synthesis to automatically create a larger texture.

Professional photo painting tools

Control panels for automatic painting
No experience required! Open a photo, launch the Auto Paint panels, prepare the photo, let the image paint, and finish by restoring individual details of the photo.

 Clone origins
You can use images, structures and patterns as clone origins. Use the Clone Origin panel to open the clone origins and change their size and shape if necessary. Then paint your painting using the embedded opaque or transparent images.

Select Clone or Quick Clone and paint a photo using the cloner painting tools. The "Clone" command creates a new document and displays your image on the canvas, while the "Quick Clone" command deletes your image from the canvas and activates the tracing paper image as a template.


A painting environment that puts the emphasis on art.

NEW - Automatic performance optimizations
The new Brush Accelerator™ scans your system and automatically applies optimal GPU and CPU performance settings to make Painter lightning fast.

NEW - User interface enhancements
Redesigned property bars, flyouts, and palettes for brushes and other tools provide direct access to controls. Consolidated library panels save valuable painting pixels.

Painting behavior
The pressure you apply to the tablet with the stylus determines the density and width of the strokes. Since all artists apply different amounts of pressure when painting, you can use Painter's painting behavior to match your personal brushstrokes.

Customizable user interface
Customize painting tools, media content, palettes, keyboard shortcuts, and more to create your ideal working environment. Plus, import content from other users to add to your tools.

Learning content
Expand your painting skills, take time to learn new things. Our Discovery Center is a central location for video tutorials, tips, webinar signups, contest entries, gallery uploads, and more!

Compatibility with Photoshop
Many Painter artists use Photoshop to edit images and Painter to add artistic brush strokes. Open .PSD files with multiple layers in Painter and save them back in Photoshop format.

Windows multi-touch
On Windows touch devices, use two fingers at once to pan, zoom, and continuously rotate the workspace. You can quickly reset the view of the painting with a double tap.

Compatibility with Wacom pen computers, displays and tablets
When painting with a Wacom pressure-sensitive device, Painter's painting tools automatically respond to the pressure, tilt and angle of the pen - and, with an Art Pen, to the complete rotation of the pen.

Optimize your painting results!

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