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MindManager 22 Professional Windows

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Take your productivity and projects to a new level and expand your team capabilities. An ally... more

Product information "MindManager 22 Professional Windows"

Take your productivity and projects to a new level and expand your team capabilities.

An ally for every plan, project and process

Mind maps
Organizational charts
Cocnept Maps
Venn and Onion diagrams
Kanban boards
Funnel diagrams

The freedom to work the way you want

Turn complexity into clarity:
Somewhere in between all the information pelting your devices, flooding your inbox, and filling your head is the knowledge you need to be at your best.
Structured, interactive visual maps that make information easy to understand.
MindManager unlocks this knowledge by distilling scattered ideas and disjointed data.

Increase your productivity:
Work non-linearly, just like your brain. Drag topics around, make connections between different ideas, and park related notes, links, and files where they belong.

Go from idea to execution:
Gofrom ideation to planning to execution in a single application and turn ideas into action...right before your eyes.

Connect in new ways:
Capture and share knowledge, present information in a logical flow, and collaborate in team environments.
Experience cross-platform co-editing natively integrated with MindManager Windows, Mac, Microsoft Teams, Web and Chromebook.
MindManager gives you the versatility to work the way you want, alone or in teams.

Free your business from worries:
Let worries be a thing of the past. With IT and management capabilities, large-scale software deployment and license management, MindManager is a solution designed for your business.

Take your productivity to new heights

Text Accelerator:
Put your projects on the fast track by adding resources and tags to your topics by simply typing an "@" or "#" followed by the name of the resource or tag.

Drag and drop:
We often tend to think non-linearly. MindManager helps you jot down your ideas as quickly as they occur to you. By simply dragging and dropping, you can move everything around seamlessly later.

Priority Markers:
There's a lot to do in a day. That's when it's important to focus on what's most important. With MindManager's priority markers, you can see at a glance what needs to get done right away and what can wait.

You've added priority markers and other icons as visual cues. Now you can easily filter your maps and see only what you want with a few quick clicks.

Topic Info Maps:
Hide additional information to keep your map uncluttered while providing quick access to everything. Drag and drop information from cards to branches and vice versa.

Built-in templates:
Start a chart with a blank sheet or a library of built-in templates suitable for any branch. Create powerful strategic plans, build projects from scratch and track all the details, develop seamless process flows, and more.

In-App Tutorials:
The MindManager Learning Center, with step-by-step tutorials, helps new users get up to speed quickly and experienced users learn advanced features.

Features vary by platform and purchase option.

Step out of the information overload

Organize and structure:
Gather knowledge and data easily and intuitively, even from external sources. Keep all links, documents, images, notes, business data, metrics and tasks in one place and focus on what matters most.

Import, export and synchronize:
Synchronize data with Outlook and SharePoint. Import and export supported file types, including Microsoft Word, Excel, Project files and more.

Capturecontent from anywhere:
With MindManager Snap, you can capture ideas or content in real time. Simply send them to yourself or team members, and they'll be ready to go in their respective Snap queues the next time you open MindManager.

Synchronize with your online storage:
Store and access your files online. MindManager supports integration with online storage providers such as SharePoint, OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box and iCloud - called "Places".

Map Roll-Ups:
Aggregate data from multiple sources. Map roll-ups allow users to insert individual topics and complete topic structures from multiple maps stored locally or in the cloud into one master chart.

Excel Data Mapper:
Leverage the incredible data processing power of Excel and leave its complexity behind. Create a map view of spreadsheet content that contains only the data you need to see, the way you want to see it.

Dynamic Views:
See your content, plans, projects, and processes from every perspective with a view for every situation, including Map View, Outline View, Gantt Chart View, Schedule View, Symbol View, and Tag View.

Features vary by platform and purchase option.

Mobilize your plans, projects and processes

From idea to execution:
Develop a brainstorm into an executable strategy, process, or plan in the same application. Enrich tasks with resource information, deadlines, notes, and other metadata to keep teams and projects focused and on track.

Project Cost Tracking:
Quickly add, update, and total individual costs to your project plans with a simple click for instant insight into one of the most important elements of your project.

Gantt charts:
Gantt charts provide project managers with a detailed and transparent overview of key project elements and status. You can track and adjust overall project costs, start dates, due dates, resources, and more.

Explore the power of flowcharts:
MindManager gives you the freedom to combine different diagram types and views in one diagram, so you're never limited to one type of flow. Use filters and dynamic views to quickly focus and change perspectives.

Powerful flowchart enhancements:
Add a new dimension of readability to complex flowcharts with line jumps, including rounded, bridge, and gap jumps. Increase your impact with improved relationship linking features.

Object Shapes:
We've added new industry-standard shapes - block arrows, chevrons, parallelograms, and trapezoids - to better represent any situation and maximize the impact of your diagrams and flowcharts.

SmartRules and Formulas:
Automate and speed up the processes that drive your work with MindManager SmartRules™ conditional formatting. Create and edit your own formulas using topics and topic properties to make smarter business decisions

Features vary by platform and purchase option.

Encourage teamwork and innovation

Cross-platform co-editing:
Invite colleagues from different departments, offices, and time zones to collaborate on maps in real time. Co-editing on any platform. Watch plans crystallize, opportunities emerge and ideas unfold right before your eyes.

MindManager Snap:
Capture, receive and share content anytime, anywhere from your desktop, browser or mobile device. You can also create and manage Snap queues for multiple users.

Share map parts:
Instantly send map parts to yourself or others by adding them to your personal or team snap queues. Map parts can then be added to other maps on any platform and by any user they have been shared with.

Link via SharePoint:
Save maps to SharePoint, reopen them, and check them in and out of MindManager. Use SharePoint Linker to retrieve specific content from SharePoint lists and display it in a map, and populate or edit SharePoint task lists directly in a map.

Publishand Share:
Publish your maps and share them with colleagues and clients - even those who don't use MindManager. Each published map receives a dynamic web link that can be updated at any time and is accessible via a web browser.

Content control:
Share responsibility for updating project and planning maps with content control, while maintaining control over what elements can be changed and who can change them.

Take unprecedented control over your slides. Use charting capabilities on individual slides, add information from multiple maps whether they are stored locally or in the cloud, and evolve your slide files over time.

Microsoft Teams integration:
Combine the visual work power of MindManager with the robust communication capabilities of Microsoft Teams. Work more effectively and productively. Share and organize business-critical information more effectively. Equip your teams for seamless collaboration and success.

Features vary by platform and purchase option.

System Requirements:

    Processor: 1.6 GHz or faster, 2 cores
    Minimum 2 GB RAM
    1.5 GB free hard drive space
    Minimum recommended display: 1280 x 720 pixels*.
    SharePoint Linker supports the following authentication methods: NTLM, forms-based authentication, SAML for SharePoint 2013, Azure ADFS/Local, Office 365, and multi-factor authentication.

Supported Operating Systems

    Microsoft® Windows® 11 32 bit and 64 bit
    Microsoft® Windows® 10 32 bit and 64 bit

Other requirements that must be met to use certain features:

    Microsoft Office Professional 2016 or later (32-bit and 64-bit).
    Microsoft Project 2016 or newer (32-bit and 64-bit)
    Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime
    Access to the Internet

*The minimum resolution requires that the zoom, DPI settings, and text size are set to 100%. If the value is not 100%, the minimum resolution must be scaled accordingly.

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